Harrison Wagner Cause of Death: Son of 'General Hospital' Star Jack Found Dead in Los Angeles Parking Lot

The news of the death of Harrison Wagner, 27, the youngest child of 'General Hospital' stars Jack and Kristina Wagner, has left their fans shocked. Harrison was found dead in a Los Angeles parking lot on Monday.

The ongoing speculations on social media point towards the possibility of drug overdose or the side effects of the Covid-19 vaccine that led to cardiac arrest and death of Harrison. However, the police department is investigating into the cause of death.

Jack Wagner with his son Harrison Wagner

Harrison Wagner Buckled Under Solitary Struggle

Having struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for long, Harrison had come out clean and was trying to turn around his life. But a faction of social media followers strongly believe that it could be a case of "relapse" and he may have suffered cardiac arrest because of overdose of drugs.

Harrison had shared his last Instagram post on May 22 in which he had posted his picture sitting alone and pensively looking into distance. The caption read, "Focus. YOU are left with YOU and your thoughts."

Some social media followers believe that Harrison was alone, looking for missing family support and even lost as is evident from his Instagram post.

According to a report published by US Weekly, Harrison had been vocal about his struggle with addiction in recent past. The report referred to his Instagram post from 2021 that read, "Life is a roller coaster. It is all transformation and how we grow as humans to have the power and willingness to make a change .... And remember, no matter what the past says about u or what you did there's ALWAYSSS room for forgiveness as long as u are willing to forgive YOURSELF. It is NEVER TO LATE TO MAKE A CHANGE IN ONES LIFE Let alone, if u are struggling believe me... I've been there. But we come out on the other seeing the world through a different Lens."

A Twitter user shared, "An unexpected death at 27...before I would think drug overdose or suicide, now all I think is V-induced blood clots and heart attacks. Sigh."

Another Twitter user wrote, "RIP Just another "adult sudden death" the coroner can't explain."

"Fentanyl kills more kids than guns," read a tweet.