Harish Gowda an emerging youth icon in Mysuru

Harish Gowda

At a time when the face of social workers and the face of politics is changing with politics moving towards the youth, GD Harish Gowda has emerged as a youth icon in Mysuru.

Harish Gowda, chairman of MCDCC bank and vice president of Karnataka State Cooperative Apex Bank LTD is working tirelessly and has joined hands with like-minded members of cooperative societies to achieve the common economic interest besides emerging as a youth icon in the region.

His days in London where he pursued his Masters, Harish Gowda on returning back to Mysuru dedicated his time to the betterment of understanding people and making a secure atmosphere for them.

His way of blending into the people's heart and attracting the mass helped him to reach to newer heights within no time which made him to become the chairman of the prestigious MCDCC bank and vice president of Karnataka State Cooperative Apex Bank LTD becoming an young co-operative leader in the region.His functioning in the co-operative field has been seen on many occasions and has always been raising social issues and being very vocal about it.

Harish Gowda, son of veteran politician G T Devegowda who served as former higher education minister, was nurtured and taught the basics of the co-operative field from childhood.

"I could get first-hand experience on the sector as my father himself was one of the pioneer cooperative leaders in the region. There is a lot of scope in the sector and many things need to be addressed. We are seeing an economic slowdown, job crisis and many other social schisms amidst unprecedented health crisis. My focus is to work in this direction," says Harish Gowda.