Hardlight VR suits let users feel every punch, gunshots while playing

This VR suit comes with a couple of "vibrational elements", which help the players feel the game.

After giving users the feeling of being present on the field while playing a game with a VR set, now the tech experts are trying to make them sense even more, such as a punch, a gunshot and even an explosion.

vr suits

NullSpace VR Inc. is gearing up to make the gaming experience even more real with the Hardlight VR suit.

According to Tech Chrunch this VR suit comes with a couple of "vibrational elements", which are the game changers, as they are responsible for adding up the "feeling" part to the PC game or VR system. It is made up of 16 different vibrational nodes and haptic feedback zones or sensors.

The sensors are expected to communicate with different muscle groups in the body and would deliver a reaction as necessary in the game. The reaction brought about by the suit will give the feeling of experiencing the actual action. For example, if someone or something in the game hits the character on the stomach, the player will feel that hit on his or her stomach through the VR suit.

The Hardlight VR suit, although provides an extraordinary technology, is rather easy to use. It just simply needs to be put on and plugged in before the game begins. There is no worry about comfort or the suit getting wet, as it is sweat proof and also it's like an adjustable suit.

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As per a report by the iTechPost, Morgan Sinko, Jordan Brooks and Lucian Copeland, founders of NullSpace VR Inc, the company behind the Hardlight VR suit, started conceptualising a virtual reality suit after they became "frustrated with the lack of haptic interaction in games".