Hardcore Pornographic Content Shared By School's Twitter Account As Probe Is Launched

The x-rated screenshots have triggered many replies from social media users as they were shocked by the incident

An investigation by the council has been started after a school shared hardcore porn on the official account on Twitter, as per reports. Taylor High School in Motherwell, located in Scotland, retweeted the graphic pictures from the social media account, reportedly after being targeted by the hackers.

The account got ambushed by trolls who shared hardcore pictures on the site showing close-ups of a bald person and a dark-haired woman having sexual intercourse with the images of another naked woman, as reported by the Daily Records. The x-rated screenshots have triggered many replies from social media users. A person wrote, "Taylor High Schools official Twitter has had an absolute nightmare."

Explicit Content Shared on School Twitter Handle

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Another netizen mentioned, "Taylor High School retweeting porn has to be the highlight of my day ahahahahaha wtf." While another netizen stated that the material cannot be retweeted by the school. The social media user said, "Taylor High School would never retweet pornographic material – official sources stated this is false and misleading."

The school account got entirely deleted after the incident took place. North Lanarkshire Council has started an investigation into the indecent pictures that were shared after the school profile got 'compromised'. Extra security is also going to be added to the school social media profiles after the hack took place.

"We immediately took action as soon as we were made aware that a school social media account had been compromised and offensive material posted. The inappropriate material was removed and we apologize for any offense caused. We have taken immediate steps to investigate the security breach and will install further appropriate security measures," a North Lanarkshire Council spokesperson mentioned. These kinds of incidents have been taking place in the recent past and are on the rise after school activities started to happen more online due to the coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak.