Hard work and Constancy to Achieve your Dreams: The Javed Khan Business Journey

Javed Khan

Hard work and Constancy to Achieve your Dreams: The Javed Khan Business Journey

At just 22 years old, Javed Khan is a young entrepreneur who has gone from being a pizza delivery boy for a well-known chain in East London to make a fortune through online trading. Today we bring you the story of how he was able to obtain everything he dreamed of by working hard and what were his main obstacles and motivations.

It all started with his difficult childhood in Hackney, growing up in a violent environment led him to lose close friends, that was his main motivation to pursue success and get out of there. At the age of 18, he combined his university studies with his job as a delivery man. He was able to raise some money and wanted to try his luck in the online business, so he found a tutor and did it.

This time the result was the same, he lost the savings his father had for his studies and the money he had borrowed from his friends. He had hit bottom, was in debt, and had few options to continue paying for college, so he went to work full time, saving to pay off debts and help the family. But this didn't stop him from pursuing his dream and he kept trying until he found NFX, the platform that would lead him to success.

Taking the Necessary Risk to Achieve your Goals

Risks are part of any business, and if we talk about the stock market, this is more marked. Javed became a lover of risk, making investments with which he would achieve his goals. Some of his mistakes made him learn and now he takes better-calculated risks that give him the expected gains, although he makes it clear that money can always be lost.

What keeps big investors on top is knowing how to manage their risks and their finances. Javed Khan began by converting a 250-pound account into a 500-pound account, from there on what came was great growth. By being persistent and disciplined the income started to be constant and increasing in number. His dream of raising his family and going where he wanted to go was coming true.

Sharing Part of his Fortune

With success comes responsibility, and for Javed one of the things he appreciates most about his success is that he can help others. He started with his parents, from whom he was able to buy a home away from the violent East London area. Then he has dedicated himself to sharing 4% of his income with the neediest people in high-poverty countries.

Every year hundreds of families can help with their great willingness and appreciation for others. Javed himself supervises that his donations reach the people, eliminating intermediaries so that the funds fulfill their strict function. With the pandemic, his efforts have intensified, and the help families received has increased.

For Javed, his success is a great blessing and as such should be shared with those who need it most.

Continue to Expand your Investments

To continue having the life he has dreamed of and to help more people this young entrepreneur knows he needs to expand his investments. So he has seen the real estate market as a great opportunity to increase his income.

His portfolio is getting bigger and bigger, and this is thanks to the good decisions he has been making since he started this journey as a pizza delivery man to become a successful businessman in the online world.