Happy Promise Day 2023: Messages, Greetings, Wishes, and Quotes to Share with Loved Ones

Promise Day is observed on the fifth day of Valentine's Week. This year, it falls on Saturday, February 11. On this day, couples make commitments to one another. They also show their love and support to each other. Here are some messages, greetings, wishes, and quotes to make this day special for everybody who believes in love.

Making promises and keeping them is one of the best ways to deepen a relationship between two people. It might not be easy to make unbreakable promises, but they can strengthen the bond between a couple. A promise is considered a gesture of affection since it features a person's priorities. It also helps people to live their lives responsibly.

The beginning of every relationship is a promise to stay beside the other person during good times and bad times. Staying together through thick and thin, respecting each other's wishes, and helping in need are some unbreakable promises in relationships.

A thoughtful message, wish, or greeting can make this Promise Day special for someone during this Valentine's week. So, here are some messages, greetings, wishes, and quotes to share with loved ones on this special occasion.

Happy Promise Day 2023
Happy Promise Day 2023 Pixabay/PIRO


I promise to hold your hands no matter what may come our way. I vow to stick by your side and be your pillar of strength forever.

I make a vow today to always wake up and have my morning tea with you, and pledge to never go to bed without giving you a goodnight kiss.

This Promise Day, I vow to be yours for this life and eternity. I pledge not to give any third person the right to come in between us and always make you my priority.

Forever is a lifetime that I promise to devote to your happiness. I will love you forever, I will be yours always. My dear wife, you will always be my lifeline.

This Promise Day, I vow that we never go angry to bed, resolve our issues right there and then, and never dig old graves during our new fights.


May this Promise Day be filled with love, laughter, and joy, and may our love continue to blossom. Happy Promise Day my love.

May our love grow stronger with each passing day, and may this Promise Day bring us closer together. Happy Promise Day my love.

May this Promise Day bring us closer together and strengthen our bond of love and trust. Happy Promise Day my love.

The best thing about making a promise is the assurance it gives us. On this Promise Day, I promise to always be your rock and support, no matter what the future holds. Happy Promise Day my love.

A promise is a bond of trust and love between two hearts. On this Promise Day, I promise to keep that bond strong and unbreakable.


You will always be my first and last love. I love you till the end of time. Wishing you an amazing promise day!!!

My day begins with your kiss & ends in your arms. Promise me this routine will never change. Happy Promise Day!

I cannot guarantee that I will solve all of your concerns, but I can assure you that I will never abandon you to face them on your own. Happy Promise Day to me!

I promise to be yours and only yours, I promise to follow you to the end of the earth, I vow to hold you in the deepest of sorrows, I pledge to make you smile every day, I promise to love forever and always

You are the person I love, you are the person I cherish the most, This Valentine's Day, I vow to be with your through the ups and down, I pledge to hold your hand and walk till the end of life.


All I want is your promise to stay with me, to be mine. Sometimes it feels like you can't possibly be real. Promise me you'll stay - Kiera Cass

Promises are the uniquely human way of ordering the future, making it predictable and reliable to the extent that this is humanly possible - Hannah Arendt

Promises are only as strong as the person who gives them - Stephen Richards

The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep - Robert Frost

It is easy to make promises – it is hard work to keep them - Boris Johnson