Happy Birthday Rap Monster: Singer photo-shopped in Marilyn Monroe's avtaar

The rapper turns 22 today

It's Rap Monster's 22nd birthday today, and BTS knows how to make it worth reminiscing. The members of the boy group always keep their tradition alive and puts in extra effort to make the occasion lovely and fulfilled.

The virtual celebrations started just after midnight with Suga and Jin posting some fun photos of the birthday boy on their social media. The singers uploaded two funny, yet embarrassing pictures of the rapper, one of which shows him edited out in a Marilyn Monroe's avatar. However, the vocalist laughingly apologized for his act afterwards and pardoned for being "this sort of eldest hyung.

The clip just before the cake cutting ceremony was also made public on the official twitter account of the band. The video showed other BTS members surprising the rapper with an imitation cake. Rap Monster, apparently jumped with joy as the cake replicated his favorite character Ryan from the KakaoTalk app, Soompi reported.

Meanwhile, Rap Monster, whose real name is Kim Namjoon, also uploaded a video of him giving birthday wishes to himself. However, embarrassed on the act, he later tweeted: "I wanted to wish myself happy birthday in a cool way, but when I saw myself in the video it looked so funny. Epic fail." He then acknowledges his fans wishes and said: "But thank you everyone, I love you. Aing. #aRMy."