Han Sunhwa's heart hurts bidding farewell to Secret

Han Sunhwa wants to focus more on her acting career.

Han Sunhwa is no longer a member of the South Korean girl group Secret. The 25-year-old took the drastic step as she wants to focus more on her acting career.

The South Korean beauty took to her Instagram to share her thoughts. The post read: "To all my Secretime fans, who encouraged me and gave me energy, hello this is Han Sunhwa. I'm greeting everyone with a different, more careful heart than before. First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for the great love and interest that came with my seven years as a Secret member. I'm so happy and thankful that we were able to cry together and laugh together."

"As I look back, I was able to accomplish amazing things with others, things I wouldn't have been able to do alone, during a time when I didn't know anything, but I received an unimaginable amount of love and interest for it. It was a difficult decision to make, and so I feel sorry and sad. I will treasure all those precious memories. And all the passion that I've poured out till now, from now on I will continued to pour them out for the coming days. While I may seem unqualified and immature in this new start, no matter where I go, I will become a person who works hard to silently repay the encouragement from everyone. I sincerely thank everyone who was with me up till now, including the TS family, the members, and all the fans," she concluded.

TS Entertainment confirmed the singer's departure with the non-renewal of her contract next month. The agency stated: "Sunhwa, who has been active as a member of SECRET and as an actress for the past 7 years, will be ending her promotions as SECRET on October 13th. She will be ending her contract with our label as well."