Han Sunhwa leaves girl band SECRET to focus on acting career

SECRET debuted in 2009

Rumors have been swirling for some time, but as of today, it is official that K-pop girl band, SECRET will be continuing its activities as a three-member group. The fourth member, Han Sunhwa, has reportedly decided to part ways to focus on her acting career.

In a statement released by the label on 26 September, TS Entertainment confirmed the singer's departure with the non-renewal of her contract next month: "Sunhwa, who has been active as a member of SECRET and as an actress for the past 7 years, will be ending her promotions as SECRET on October 13th. She will be ending her contract with our label as well, " the agency stated.

TS further revealed that the remaining three members, namely Hyosung, Ji Eun and Hana, have already renewed their contract and will be proceeding with their band's and solo activities routinely. The agency further thanked the fans for their support and urged to "show interest to SECRET and Sunhwa" in future.

Sunhwa, who was chosen as a regular cast member of a South Korean variety show called Invincible Youth even before her SECRET debut in 2009, will be avidly looking into acting as her career from October. However, the singer-turned-actress has not decided upon any label which she will be joining for her future projects.