Han Seung Yeon reveals why she does not lend her belongings

Han Seung Yeon has shared some personal feelings on Abnormal Summit.

South Korean singer and actress Han Seung Yeon does not like to lend her belongings. During an appearance on the television program, Abnormal Summit, the 28-year-old former member of the girl group Kara, talked about sharing her items with loved ones.

Seung Yeon said: "There was a time when I let a friend borrow an expensive camera, but she accidentally fell backward and caused the camera to shatter. When I asked about compensation, the friend asked me why I was asking about compensation and not if she was hurt."

"Whenever something happens, I can't ask for compensation, so from the beginning, I don't let people borrow stuff," she added.

Seung Yeon also discussed her thoughts on living with roommates. She said: "I think it's only normal that it feels uncomfortable [living with roommates]. When you live with other people, there are moments when you will receive stress and which will make you want to cry."

She continued: "I don't want to show that side of me to others but if someone else is there, I can't cry comfortably."