Han Hyo Joo and Lee Jong Suk
Actors Han Hyo Joo and Lee Jong Suk at the press conference of webtoon inspired romantic drama, W. Facebook/MBC

Actress Han Hyo Joo is quite popular among the cast of her recently culminated show, W. With everyone showering compliments on the 29-year-old, Hyo Joo is seemingly one of the most respected and lovable actresses in the K-pop industry.

In a recent interaction, the nagging doctor Park Min Soo, whose real name is Heo Jung Do, shared his experience working with the leading lady. He said: "My chemistry with Han Hyo Joo was great. It was nice to have a pretty girl smiling and cheering me on. Also, her skin is so bright and clear that I wondered if it's really there. She was taller than I expected, too."

Jung Do, who is mostly seen in supporting roles, shares the same label with the pretty actress. However, the actor revealed that he did not get a chance to meet Hyo Joo before.

"We didn't have a chance to meet at the company, but we met through 'W'. The hospital crew promised to go out for a drink some time but that has yet to happen. Hyo Joo is busy resting and I'm also busy practicing so we haven't been able to set up a date yet," the actor relayed.

Meanwhile, actor Kim Eu Sung, who played Hyo Joo's father in the drama, also gushed about the actress in his previous interview with Allkpop: "[The reason I said I'd do it] is because I thought, if I'm Han Hyo Joo's dad, then I'll get to see Han Hyo Joo often, and I thought a webtoon creator would be fun to do too. So I said sure, and didn't realize how big things would get. But from episodes 9 or 10, I started having the mentality of, 'what am I doing'," the 50-year-old stated.