Actor Kang Ki Young shared his thoughts on working with Han Hyo Joo and Lee Jong Suk in the recently culminated drama, W. The 33-year-old portrayed the role of a fellow resident doctor, Kang Seok Bum, alongside the Hallyu stars.

Ki Young revealed that he was overwhelmed to share the screen space with leading lady, Hyo Joo. He said that the South Korean actress is very humble and made him comfortable on the sets. Gushing about the female lead he said: "The chemistry between me and Oh Yeon Joo was great. It's all because Han Hyo Joo treated me comfortably."

" To be honest, Han Hyo Joo was a superstar to me at first, but now, we've dropped the honorifics, and sometimes even joke around on SNS. I think that's why our chemistry was able to live better. I was happy to meet with a good actress," he said.

Ki Young apparently got more time to hang out with the young actress than spending time with Jong Suk on the sets. While the actor did not shot with the Pinocchio actor much, however, he could tell that Jog Suk is full of aegyo: "When I saw him, he would come up to me saying 'Hyung', and even hugged me when I arrived," he told Allkpop.

" I tend to be timid so it was hard to get used to at first, but it got comfortable because Lee Jong Suk was nice to me. The director and other staff members also liked [Lee Jong Suk's aegyo]," revealed Ki Young.