Han Hye Jin reveals if she wants her daughter to become an actress or golfer

Han Hye Jin married soccer player Ki Sung-yueng in 2013

Han Hye Jin
South Korean actress, Han Hye Jin, is returning to television after two years. Facebook

South Korean actress Han Hye Jin is all set to make a comeback to the Korean television scene. The 34-year-old apparently took a break from acting after she became pregnant in 2014.

Now, after a two-year breather, Hye Jin is mulling over the offers and wants to enjoy her stint as an actress soon. The Syndrome leading lady was last seen in a cameo role in record-breaking series, Doctors.

Recently, the award-winning actress appeared at KBS 2TV's Entertainment Relay, and talked about her three-member family. Hye Jin, who gave birth to her daughter in September 2015, revealed that she will overwhelmingly welcome her small girl's decision to become an actress.

She said: "If my daughter wants to be an actress .... I will support her actively. I want her to feel and be touched by the passion that people pour into projects. On her first birthday, she grabbed the golf ball. We set out a lot of things including a script, and she grabbed the golf ball."

Hye Jin, who married soccer player Ki Sung-yueng in 2013, also shared her love towards the man in her life. When asked if she would like to re-live her marriage decision, the actress instantly responded with a big nod. She said she would do it without any inhibitions in mind.

And she went far to show her love: "I wanted to make every meal for my husband, but [when I was pregnant], I couldn't because of morning sickness. So I put on a mask to cook for him. But he didn't know I went that far," Hye Jin revealed.

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