Hamzah Saadah On Making AnImpact As Creator and Streamer Absorber


Entertainment and spreading positivity became a passion for 18-year-old streamer and content creator Hamzah Saadah, better known by his online profile Absorber. His childhood included playing a traditional Arabic instrument named the "Qanun" and a love for magic introduced by his uncle. Giving Absorber his first taste of the positive reaction people could have to entertainment, these performances convinced him that this is what he had to keep doing. The rise of social media gave Absorber the outlet to begin reaching an audience and, though his start on YouTube did not gain immediate traction, his transition to gaming content brought the results he had hoped for. In an interview, he spoke about his journey to where he is today, saying, "Ever since [the switch to game streaming], I have been posting gaming videos, and I do not regret anything I have done in the past because, I probably would not be here today if I did not try out vlogging, or the magic videos."

The biggest reward for Absorber's work is still the reactions he gets from people. He relates, "Seeing people smile after watching one of my videos really puts a smile on my face. If my community is happy, I am happy. It is so mind-blowing that people take time out of their days to comment on such positive messages under my videos. I am very grateful to be in the position I am in, and I appreciate everyone for supporting me." It is the connection to the community that allows streamers and creators like Absorber to continue following their passion and produce content that is engaging and scalable.

The humble beginnings that saw Absorber's start are more in the distance than ever. His following now boasts over 8,000,000 across his platforms; however, he still remembers what brought him to this point. "A few challenges that I faced in the very beginning of this whole social media thing was "hate." I used to take every comment to heart, but I realized the more supporters I gain, the more "haters" I am going to gain. So, rather than hurting me, it actually started to motivate me even more. As of right now, I am not facing too many challenges other than balancing school along with social media. I am a senior in high school, and I plan on going to college for media and communications and hopefully, I will end up owning my own late-night talk-show [in the future]." These goals and visible successes keep Absorber dedicated as he balances his busy schedule with the upward trajectory of his career.