Halle Berry getting ready for MMA movie; shares photo of her six-pack abs   

Halle Berry has been preparing for her next movie "Bruised" that is based on MMA and is training insanely

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There's a saying that age is just a number and the 53-year-old actress Halle Berry who has starred in movies like 'Catwoman'and 'Cloud Atlas,' seems to have proven this theory. Not too long ago the internet witnessed the amazing toned abs of Jennifer Lopez and fans went berserk. The Jungle Berry actress Halle recently showed off her six-pack abs in an Instagram post and has set the Internet on fire. She has been on this journey to fitness for a long time and has taken her fitness goals seriously.

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But how the actress got the toned six-pack abs? Berry has been raining for four hours every day! Along with this, she has also embraced the keto diet and practices intermittent fasting. The actress is preparing for her next flick "Bruised" for which she has been training extensively.

The movie is based on mixed martial arts and it primarily focuses on a female fighter. While speaking about the movie, the screenwriter Michelle Rosenfarb says "It is a love story between a mother and her son." According to an article published on UFC News, Rosenfarb had goosebumps when she first met Halle.

While justifying her reaction she says, "Not only because she's an Academy Award winner and icon. It was because as soon as I met her I knew this was the woman I'd been writing this role for all these years." Halle wrote in her Instagram post that "Happy #FitnessFriday, everyone! There's no better feeling than setting a goal and smashing it."

The fitness enthusiast and Academy Awardee has never failed to impress and encourage all her fans to set goals for themselves. "One of my goals for #BruisedTheMovie? Ripped Abs – and today? I finally got them and it feels unbelievable! This #FitnessFriday, I encourage you guys to set your bar," she wrote.