Haitian-Afro writer Werley Nortreus to write new books and movie stories

Werley Nortreus

Werley Nortreus is a young talented Haitian and African writer in the field of literature and other fields as well. He is a writer who writes books, quotes, and stories on any topic. His notable works are very successful because they are unique and remarkable as well.

On Wed, April 7, 2021, he announced that he will write and release new books and stories for movies sooner than people think. In fact, I would like to remind you that he is a writer who has written more than 100 famous quotes that are making headlines in various parts of the world. Many people can't wait to read the new books and movie stories that he is expected to write and release very soon. Let me remind you that he published his second book called Best Quotes of WerleyNortreus. Finally, the second volume of Best Quotes of WerleyNortreus will also be released.

Not only is he recognized as a writer, but he is also recognized in other fields like music, cinema, knowledge, and others. Born in Haiti in a commune called Limbé,but raised in Port-au-Prince during his childhood. His intellect allows him to write books, cinematic stories, film screenplays, quotes, and compose music, instrumentals, and film scores as well. He wrote 2 books and wrote more than 100 quotes that are very popular all over the world.

Well, on Wed, April 7, 2021, he announced that he will write and release new books and stories for movies as well. Many people everywhere cannot wait for his upcoming books and stories for movies that he has to release so that they can read them and be motivated and inspired by these works.

Many people never thought he could write stories for movies because he didn't look like that. Well, he's a writer who writes stories for movies too. He even writes stories about events happening in the world for history books so people can always remember the events. Many call him a genius since he has a lot of talents and knowledge as well. Many people did not believe in him either until they saw that he started accomplishing so many great things in society that they never thought he could achieve in his life.

Well-today, he is a Haitian writer that people all around the world recognize because of his works that inspire and motivate many people across the world.