Hadi Derakhshan, the top trader of 2016, was able to become the best entrepreneur in 2022 by attracting 5,000 people to start entrepreneurship.

Hadi Derakhshan

Entrepreneurship has now become a different standard of living. Anyone with a new innovation can start entrepreneurship in a field so that they can make progress in it. Today, with the development of the world in various fields and the emergence of financial opportunities, etc., we see that some people are walking on the path to success by using different methods.

Hadi Derakhshan, one of the young Iranian entrepreneurs, is one of those people who became the best entrepreneur in the field of cryptocurrencies in 2022 by employing 5,000 people in the field of digital currency trading and entrepreneurship in 2016.

What perhaps fascinates him over the years is that he is constantly developing financial strategies in various ways, so much so that in 2020 he published a book called The Art of Technical Analysis, which was one of the best-selling books in Iran.

Hadi Derakhshan entered the financial and trading markets in these markets in 2008 and gradually gained a lot of experience in these markets in order to have an accurate and correct analysis of the general situation of the market. He is also the founder and developer of the "Irani Bourse" Company, which is one of the most famous companies in the field of financial market analysis, such as Forex.

His goal in creating this company is to raise awareness about these markets in Iran and the Middle East, and all these factors could make him the best entrepreneur in the field of cryptocurrencies.