Hackers take control over Facebook's accounts on Twitter and Instagram

  • Facebook's accounts on Twitter and Instagram were hacked

  • The hacking group called OurMine took control over these accounts on Friday

  • Twitter confirmed that hackers used a third-party platform

Cybersecurity breach incidents involving companies like Yahoo, Marriott International, eBay, Uber, JP Morgan Chase, Sony's PlayStation Network and Adobe, showed that the booming industry of the hackers and what they are capable of. Recently hackers took over Facebook's accounts on Twitter and Instagram on Friday through a third-party platform which has raised concerns about the security of the social networking site.

The hacker group called OurMine tweeted from Facebook's handle at around 3:50 pm. It should be noted that as per the reports this is the same group of cybercriminals who are responsible for hijacking the Twitter accounts of more than a dozen NFL teams in January before the SuperBowl. OurMine is also known for their previous hacking activities targeting Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

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Facebook's account hack

After the cyber attack the cybercriminals said in a Tweet that "Well, even Facebook is hackable but at least their security better than Twitter. To improve your accounts security Contact us: contact@o u r m i n e.org. For security services visit: o u r m i n e.org."

However, it should be mentioned that the Tweet is no longer available on the platform. Almost at the same time, the hackers took over Facebook's Instagram account and then posted photos of the group's logo.

As per a Twitter, spokeswoman confirmed that the as soon as they came to know about the hacking incident they took the immediate initiative and locked the compromised accounts. She mentioned that currently, they are working closely with their partners at Facebook to restore them.

However, Twitter declined to reveal the name of the third-party platform. But a screenshot of the tweets shows that the posts came from social media management tool called Khoros.

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