The man who pioneered cyber security and founded McAfee anti-virus firm has become a victim of hackers. Software icon John McAfee has said that his Twitter account was hacked and was used to run 'coin of the day' series recommending and promoting lesser-known cryptocurrencies.

"Though I am a security expert, I have no control over Twitter's security. I have haters. I am a target. People make fake accounts, fake screenshots, fake claims," he tweeted.

"I am a target for hackers who lost money and blame me. Please take responsibility for yourselves. Adults only please," he posted this message with a screenshot of his device which showed his calls and texts were hijacked by a hacker.

According to BBC, McAfee had activated the two-step verification that Twitter has in place as a security feature but "he believed the hacker had intercepted the authentication code. The first indication that I had been hacked was turning on my cell phone and seeing the attached image."

"I knew at that point that my phone had been compromised. I was on a boat at the time and could not go to my carrier (AT&T) to have the issue corrected. All that the hacker did was compromise my Twitter account. It could have been worse," McAfee told BBC.

The security pioneer is currently working on plans to sell the world's most "hack-proof" smartphone due for release in February.(IANS)