Hacker unleashes 'GasGauge' zero-day exploit for iOS 9.3.3b and lower versions

Prolific iOS hacker Luca Todesco releases 0day exploit aka 'GasGauge' for iOS 9.3.3b and lower versions with support for future iOS 9 jailbreaks.

Apple has successfully patched up all known jailbreak exploits starting iOS 9.2 through iOS 10 while prolific iOS hacker Luca Todesco aka qwertyuiop has released the zero-day (0day) exploit for iOS 9.3.3b and lower versions.

As Todesco reports in his tweets, the new 0day exploit dubbed 'GasGauge' is the double-free-race condition exploit which requires a sandbox escape and any uid for creating a working jailbreak tool in iOS. The hacker also adds that it offers arbitrary alloc and free primitives for this purpose.

Here is what Todesco tweeted after Apple killed his recent 0day exploit for iOS 10:

Lamenting about how iOS 10 had ruined his exploits and security-bypass techniques, here is what Todesco had to say via Twitter:

"iOS 10 went hard on security. Basically all the techniques I relied on are broken. Need to start from scratch."

It is now ascertained that the exploit could be used by any developer to release a full jailbreak for iOS 9.3.3 and lower versions of iOS 9.

Todesco sums up the current state of the jailbreak scene with another tweet:

"I hope it makes anyone realize how hard it actually is to pull this stuff on, considering it's just 1/4th of the deal. Respect devs."

Check out the complete source code for Todesco's 0day exploit for iOS 9.3.3b and lower on ghostbin website.