Hacker destroys Hungarian Development Center's digital database

711 million data breach
Hacking (representational picture) Pawel Kopczynski/File Photo/Reuters

As per the cybersecurity experts, educational institutions and government organizations have become major targets of the hackers, mostly in the cases of ransomware attacks. Recently a Hungarian government organization also became the victim of a massive cyberattack which destroyed its digital database.

It may sound impossible but the truth is along with the development of technology, the threats related to cybersecurity also increasing day by day and on the same time many groups of hackers are also learning sophisticated ways to steal valuable data of an organization.

In the recent incident, which happened in mid-July the cyberattack was launched targeting Hungarian Development Center (MFK). The data breach was so damaging that the authority was forced to reorganize its administration from scratch. A news site 24.hu reported that the hackers most likely originated from North Korea.

Later the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hungary, confirmed the cyberattack in a statement but they denied all the assumptions related to the data theft, mentioning that the MFK has immediately shut down its systems after they detected the hacking attempt.

It was also revealed that the hackers launched the cyberattack mainly aiming at the server that keeps details of all official documentation, contracts, invoices, corporate software and essentially all of its digital data related to its activities.

It should be mentioned that the Hungarian Rugby Association also stored its data on the affected servers. But since most of the official documents and accounts are also stored at the Ministry of Human Resources, which looks after the sports activity in the country, recovering those documents would not be an issue.

However, Hungarian Development Center and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not comment on when the detected the attempted data theft incident. Meanwhile, the Constitutional Protection Office(AH) started the investigation on this case.

Later the Foreign Ministry of Hungary has confirmed that the government centre has indeed recently been affected by a cyberattack, but "due to the immediate and professional intervention, the center's data has not been lost." As per the reports, the mail system of MFK found that the government server was not damaged.

In August reports revealed that Lake County government in the US, as well as several local governments in Texas networks, faced the same threat. While some of them were forced to shut down, many were in dilemma whether to pay the ransom to the hackers or not.

It should be mentioned that in July, threat actors hacked Bulgaria's tax revenue office and made the entire data public after stealing records of more than five million people.