Habanos S.A's Co-Founder Moulay Omar Zahraoui is making Big Moves in Cigar Industry

Moulay Omar Zahraoui

Moulay Omar Zahraoui is 29 years old and the richest cigar businessman of Morocco. He is the owner of Habanos S.A which is Africa's biggest cigar factory.

Every sophisticated tobacco enthusiast has got a preferred cigar brand. While their preferences depend on several factors like ingredients or brand value; what matters the most is the quality. However, finding the right cigar brand can be a challenging task. Today we tell you about one of the leading cigar brands which have become everyone's favorite. Habanos S.A is the name of the cigar brand founded by Moulay Omar Zahraoui, a serial entrepreneur and an investor from Morocco.

Habanos S.A is the biggest cigar factory in Africa and it is now all set to make its presence across the globe. Moulay has got some big plans to take his cigar brand on a global level. Habanos S.A currently owns $50 million tobacco stock, which will also increase with the expansion of the brand worldwide. The entrepreneur and his brand at this time are at the development stage and things are being planned about the countries where the brand will be first available.

Moulay as of now is understanding and exploring the market in the United States and the United Kingdom. He is currently discussing with potential partners in both countries. If things work out, the first three markets Habanos will venture are London, New York, and New Delhi. Taking the cigar business on a completely different level, Zahraoui the businessman is also keen to launch cigar lounges in the future with a theme of dance forms like belly dancing, salsa, and jazz.

"The idea is to launch cigar lounges in Africa first and then take it on the global map", said the entrepreneur. Apart from this, Habanos cigars are known for its premium handcrafted Moroccan cigars. Many entrepreneurs and celebrities are in awe of the brand.

This article was first published on August 4, 2020