Ha Joo Yeon embroiled in controversy, deletes her social media account

Ha Joo Yeon is former band member of girl group, Jewelry

Former girl band member, Ha Joo Yeon has deleted her SNS account after the recent singing reality show controversy. The reports suggest that the singer and her counterpart, Miryo, was highly criticised for their unprofessional behaviour on Mnet's Unpretty Rapstar 3.

During the 19 August airing of the show, it is stated that both the girls teamed up against former YG Entertainment member, Yuna Kim, during the diss-battle section of the show, and hence attracted huge criticism. While the three girls, Joo Yeon, Miryo, and Kim were to battle against each other, however, both allied averse to the latter and instead defended one another.

Meanwhile, pointing out the idol's behaviours, viewers also condemned the makers on choosing the bizarre format. The fans stated that the show's format arouse scuffle between the singers,however, the staffers issued a statement in their defence. They told Allkpop: "There are 11 rappers in the diss battle, so it couldn't be avoided that one team would have 3 people. It was the rule that the person who didn't get chosen as a diss battle opponent would choose one of the already formed teams. Just like how the rappers choose their outfit and items for the diss battle, the method is also up to the rappers."

In addition, the makers of the show chose to remain tight-lipped on the girl's behaviours, whereas Ha Joo Yeon, popularly named as Baby J, reportedly ended up deleting her account.