Actress Ha Ji Won has sued the cosmetic company which she once partnered into. The 37-year-old has reportedly accused the make-up firm of wrongly using her name and face in lieu of promoting the brand.

Ha Ji Won got associated with the company last year for the launch of her own line of cosmetics. The company is said to have had a smooth start with Ji Won and reached record sale of 6 billion sales in initial six months.

However, Soompi found out that the actress's act of lawful grudge, in real, is due to unethical use of company's money by one of the alleged partner. Ji Won's agency pointed out that the partner in question 'has taken a huge amount of the wages and subsequently broken the trust' of the actress.' The agency claimed that as the Sector 7 actress has not been given any wages or dividend on equal grounds, the cosmetic company has been using her services for free, which is unethical according to the contract.

In her suit, the Sex Is Zero actress wants the company to dispose of all of the products which bears her name or face and equally distributes the company's profit. While, on the other hand, the cosmetic company has also demanded back the 30% shares which Ji Won received during her tenure as a brand ambassador.

On 24 August, the actress's agency released a statement giving out legal low down: "If 'G' company stops using her likeness, [Ha Ji Won] will surely return the stock, but there has to be a fair distribution of the profits the company made by using Ha Ji Won's likeness up to this point. We cannot reveal specific details of the lawsuit right now, but we hope that no other celebrities are affected by the unlawful use of likeness from now on. "