Gurmit Singh to be back as Hero in 'Laugh Die You — The Karaoke' in July

The production will be held at the Resorts World Theatre at Resorts World Sentosa on July 9 and 10.

Singapore's popular comedian Gurmit Singh will be back again with a show this July at the Malaysian comedy production Laugh Die You — The Karaoke. This three-hour comedy show has already been staged in Malaysia.

The production will be held at the Resorts World Theatre at Resorts World Sentosa on July 9 and 10. The tickets are priced from S$68 to S$350 and will be available at SISTIC from May 6 onwards.

This event also includes well-known local comedian Kumar, Malaysian comedienne Joanne Kam and Malaysian rock band Hydra. There will be a special guest appearance by Fakkah Fuzz, the famous Singaporean comedian.

The title, "Laugh Die You — The Karaoke" has been used from the direct English translation of the Cantonese phrase "siu sei lei". Gurmit Singh will be seen in his debut character of his new alter ego named "Hero Singh".

"Hero Singh" will be portrayed as an eccentric, law-abiding security guard who dreams to be a successful singer one day. In an interview with Today Online, Gurmit Singh said: "We were talking in the office in Malaysia about (creating) a new character, and then I realized I've never done a Punjabi character — this is my first time. The irony is that I am a Punjabi."

The show will start with the individual performances of all the stars and then they will engage in a comedic riot. The audience will also witness Gurmit Singh singing a few with the "karaoke" theme music along with a choir and Malaysian rock band Hydra.

When asked about his experience performing in Singapore and Malaysia, Kumar told the Today Online: "Singaporeans are a bit harder (to get a laugh from) because of our own red tape, and because Singaporeans take a longer time to warm up. By the time (the audience is warmed up), it's my second show already." He also added that he is really excited about working with Gurmit and Kam, after 20 years.

"In Singapore, they are so scared because if you make a joke about politics, they look at each other. In Malaysia, they laugh from the beginning to the end. Here, they are not so sure. By the time they really react, they are on the taxi, on their way home." Kumar continued.

Laugh Die You — The Karaoke is not only about stand-up comedy. This show is a perfect blend of pyrotechnics, song, dance and comedy.

Joanne Kam also shared her experience: "For someone like me who's performed a lot of times in Malaysia, there are certain words we use in Malay that if we use in Kuala Lumpur, everybody gets it. Here, sometimes I need to remind myself, like will the Singaporeans get it, because not everyone is used to those terms or words. Other than that, the jokes are the same."