Gugudan releases first single album 'Act. 3 Chococo Factory'

Gugudan members say that they feel positive despite that they are competing with prominent singers.

Gugudan Twitter

Korean newcomer girl group Gugudan released their first single album "Act. 3 Chococo Factory" on November 8 and they feel positive despite that they are competing with prominent singers who have made their comebacks.

"It would be a lie if we say we didn't feel any anxiety. But I hope we would be able to convey 'sweetness' befitting the atmosphere of the November-December season with our own bubbly, lively and unique character," said member Hana during the group's album showcase held in Seoul.

According to Mina, "Since many prominent seniors will be present in the chart race, we have a clearer aim -- to present 'sweet pleasure' -- than expecting much from our chart performance."

Nine-member Gugudan debuted last year with the mini-album "Act. 1 The Little Mermaid" that contained the carrier song "Wonderland." They gained prominence with their second album "Act. 2 Narcissus" through the song "A Girl Like Me."

The third album, which features the title track "Chococo," was inspired by the film "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and its character Willy Wonka.

"We reinterpreted the film with our own color by becoming Willy Wonka or employees of the chocolate factory," said Sejeong. "As the weather is getting colder these days, a small piece of chocolate can warm you up in such a time. I hope Gugudan can be such a being."

Soyee did not join Gugudan's comeback due to a shoulder injury that has been her problem before her debut in the group.

"We're so happy to be making our first comeback in eight months. Unfortunately, it came with the bad news that Soyee will not be with us due to an injury. I really hope she gets better soon and joins us on stage," said Sejeong.

She said Soyee, despite the injury, "gave us kind words of encouragement to do our best. Soyee, we will work hard and do well, so please get better and come back to us soon."