Gugudan: Members share honest opinions on their unusual band name

Nine member band, Gugudan, released their debut album Act 1: The Little Mermaid on 28 June.

The members of newly formed South Korean girl group, Gugudan, were left quite surprised after hearing their girl gang's name for the first time. Reportedly, their chief liked the name and made his mind despite other employees' apprehensions.

On asked about sharing their reaction on the eccentric name, leader Hana stated: "It means the troupe that gathered nine girls with nine charms. It means that we will reinterpret productions of various genres like fairytales, movies, or plays in a style unique to us and try to perform them."

However, the team members were further pressed to to share their honest opinion. To which Mina responded: "When I first heard it, I was surprised. I thought they were joking."

She added: "But then it became a name that people couldn't forget. Once I knew the meaning, I liked it."

Hana further added that the girls too sent in their suggestions on the prospective names. She said: "We thought up names among ourselves too. None of our suggestions made it, but Mimi came up with 'Doogeun Doogeun.'" (This is the sound that a heart makes when it is beating; the English equivalent might be "thump thump.")

The nine member band, Gugudan released their debut album Act 1: The Little Mermaid on 28 June. Girls also revealed their band's mascot on Twitter, which is a fox-type creature named Ggyu.