Guest Finds Corpse Under Bed in Hotel Room in Tibet, Leading to Murder Investigation

The tourist initially blamed his feet for the overpowering stench in the room, only to make the shocking discovery a few hours later.

A Chinese guest in a Tibet hotel found a corpse under his bed, leading to a murder investigation earlier this week. The tourist initially blamed his feet for the overpowering stench in the room, only to make the shocking discovery a few hours later, according to reports. He later posted about his experience on social media.

The Chinese man, identified only as Mr. Zhang, was staying at the Guzang Shuhua Inn in Lhasa, which is popular for providing its visitors with a vibrant setting for their social media photos, the BBC reported. He claimed he arrived at the hotel on April 21 and slept in his room for three hours, during which time he detected a foul odor.

Shocking Moment

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Initially, he believed it was coming from his feet. He then went out and after he came back to dress for dinner and he noticed a stronger stench. He requested another room and fell asleep.

However, the hotel staff came back to his room and woke him up after some time. He was then instructed to report to his first room where police told him that they have found a body under his bed.

The following day, Zhang was taken to the police station to provide a statement after the police showed up at the hotel, according to a report published on Tuesday by the Shanghai Daily.

Zhang described what happened at the police station, saying that the officers informed him that a murder had occurred in his prior room and that a body had been discovered under the bed.

Macabre Experience

crime scene
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However, they assured him not to worry because they had already arrested a suspect on a train headed to Lanzhou City.

Zhang was given permission to leave after his DNA samples were taken. The man went on to share additional details, including the transfer record of the room fee and his chat history with the hotel's staff.

The victim was identified as Wang. The suspect, Gao, was arrested on a train to Lanzhou city in a joint operation carried out by the Lanzhou police and the Xi'an police. The report also said that Wang's ID card, mobile phone, and bank cards were found on the suspect.

Zhang told local media that he decided to speak out about the incident because the hotel initially denied the whole thing.

He also decided to post a review of his macabre experience online, which went viral on social media.

"I am very scared and I am still struggling to sleep," he told Shangyou News on Sunday.