GTA Online: New Festive Surprise developments hint at imminent GTA 5 DLC release

Rockstar Games is expected to roll out a new Tunables update with new DLC cars by 10 January.

GTA 5 Online
GTA Online: New developments hint at imminent GTA 5 DLC release Rockstar Games

Recent developments in Festive Surprise DLC are apparently hinting at an imminent content update for GTA 5 even as the GTA community eagerly awaits fresh DLC release for the ageing action-RPG game. With Rockstar recently confirming via Twitter that the Festive Surprise DLC will end on 5 January, it leaves enough time for the next Tunables update that's scheduled for 9 January or next Monday.

Furthermore, the game maker has also updated its newswire post with the latest info about the change in its DLC updating schedule, wherein all the festive clothing will cease to exist in GTA Online after 5 January. Essentially, it means that Rockstar has shortened the availability of Festive Surprise DLC by four to five days.

Although it is not yet known why the game maker opted to cut short the DLC run time in GTA Online, it is anybody's guess that Rockstar could be planning a new DLC release around 9 January. If the past is any indication, Rockstar will be removing all the festive-themed items from the game on Friday, 6 January.

Furthermore, recent rumours pertaining to the unreleased DLC vehicles suggest that a couple of cars could make their way into GTA Online with the forthcoming Tunables update. The Italian GTB (supercar) and the Spectre (sports car) are right on top of the upcoming DLC wishlist as far as the rumour mills are concerned.

As Ross explains, we might see some brand new discounts on older items and vehicles with the release of two new cars in the game. Do let us know in the comments section (below) if you enjoyed the Festive Surprise DLC content or if you would rather like to see new content update being added into the game.