GTA Online Finance and Felony DLC released: Everything you need to know

Rockstar Games has just released the highly-anticipated Further Adventures in Finance and Felony DLC for GTA Online on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Avid GTA Online fans are in for some great news as Rockstar Games has just released the highly-anticipated Further Adventures in Finance and Felony DLC for GTA Online on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

The new DLC enables you to continue enjoying the special abilities of the VIP role, besides building your new empire in black market with illegal contrabands being bought and sold across Los Santos and Blaine County.

As rumoured earlier, you will need to equip your organization with a tailor-made executive office that fits the billing of your skillful team of hired associates or accomplices.

Luxurious Office Suites

You can kick start your criminal career by acquiring one of the luxurious office suites sold by the Dynasty 8 Executive Realty in partnership with SecuroServ, who holds the patent for all your Special Cargo Network in the crime-infested streets of Los Santos.

Each of these executive suites come with a full-time assistant, helipad, boardroom, an optional inventory storage space like the Gun Locker and the amusing 'Don't Cross the Line' arcade game. The custom storage locker helps you in choosing the best loadout for each mission chosen at the CEO headquarters in GTA Online.

Buy and Sell Illegal Contrabands

Each executive office brings you private access to SecuroServ's Special Cargo Network across the city as you build your black market empire with imposing warehouses and traffic contraband products through countless illegal ways for maximizing profit and growth of your organization.

Each Buy mission is classified into three categories with increasing difficulty based on the number of contraband you want to purchase and the risk involved in securing them. Higher the risk in acquiring a product, greater will be the rewards when you sell them.

Some of the illegal stuff like human organs and contraband drugs could draw the attention of FIB, LSPD and rival player organisations as they are invaluable goods in the world of GTA Online.

The trick is to accumulate the most expensive goods in your warehouse and that will cut the supply rate in the market. So, you can sell them off when the market demand rises abruptly owing to shortage of stocks in the market.

Defend your Warehouse against rival players and resident gangs of Los Santos

Don't forget to defend your precious warehouse as it will invariably attract the attention of rival gangs and players. In case you fail to dodge a wave of surprise attacks from native gangs of Los Santos and lose shipments or cargo items, then you will face percentage losses on your Special Cargo stocks and shares.

New VIP work and challenges

In addition to new CEO missions, you will continue to enjoy the perks of VIP missions including access to new sources of illegal money and dynamic challenges. Here is the complete list of VIP work and challenges as reported by Rockstar via Newswire:

VIP work

  • Headhunter: Assassinate key targets across the map against the clock.
  • Airfreight: Liberate some valuable cargo from its armed guard and fly it to safety.
  • Haulage: Be the first to deliver a trailer full of tax-exempt merchandise to its wrongful owner.

VIP Challenges

  • Cashing Out: Be the pack leader in the latest wave of ATM fraud to hit the streets of Los Santos.
  • Salvage: Compete to retrieve the most lost cargo from the ocean floor.

You will be spoilt for choice as the Finance and Felony DLC offers you a new set of vehicles and weapon attachments. Drive around Los Santos in the fast and slick Pegassi Reaper, or Vapid FMJ or Grotti Bestia GTS super/sports car or check out the new Enus Windsor Drop.

If air travel is your style, you will be looping the skies with the Buckingham Nimbus or the Volatus from Elitas Travel. Not to mention, the elite Tugboat returns from GTA 4 in line with earlier speculation.

Custom made VIP and bodyguard clothing is now available in all-new SecuroServ branded merchandise. Arm your attire with some deadly arsenal as you load up Drum and Box Magazine attachments for superior firepower from the Ammu-Nation.

Also, check out event weekend bonuses along with 25% discount each on Buzzard Attack chopper sold via Warstock and weapons sold via Ammu-Nation. The complete list of weapons and armaments selling for a good 25% off is given below:

  • Carbine, Assault and Compact Rifles
  • Machine Pistol
  • SMG
  • Heavy Shotgun
  • Combat PDW
  • All Ammo
  • Weapon Tints and Etched Finishes
  • Body Armor
  • Parachute Bags and Canopies