GTA Online: Bikers update brings sixth purchasable property and two new rides

Rockstar Games unlocks sixth purchasable property via Dynasty 8 with new Bikers update in GTA Online.

GTA Online Bikers update
GTA Online: Bikers update brings sixth purchasable property and two new rides Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games has finally heeded to players' requests for enabling sixth purchasable property in GTA Online as the game maker has also added two new vehicles to the roster of available rides with the new Bikers update. Western Daemon Custom and the BF Raptor feature as the two new rides hitting the streets of Los Santos this week, as Biker gangs rev their engines and vie for top honours in the battle for supremacy.

Daemon Custom and BF Raptor

The Daemon Custom is the new cruiser bike that symbolises the tradition of gangland in the crime infested world of GTA while the Raptor brings you the excitement and thrill of a turbo-charged three wheeler with its chic design and glamorous looks.

All GTA Online players can now unlock the sixth property with garage facility via Dynasty 8 in-game website as they crave for more space to accommodate new DLC vehicles from Bikers update.

Biker Bonuses

GTA 5 Online: Bikers DLC
Turbo-charged three-wheeler - BF Raptor Rockstar Games

Rockstar has also announced special discounts and unlockable rewards including the black Western Logo Hoodie for all those who log into GTA Online, during the Bikers Bonus events starting 11 October up to 24 October. Earn double GTA$ and RP in the new Slipstream Adversary Mode and a playlist selection of Stunt Races throughout the fortnight in GTA Online.

GTA 5 Online: Bikers DLC
Western Logo Hoodie Rockstar Games

You can also enjoy special discounts on emergency services from Lester and Merryweather, besides availing 25% off on resprays, tire smoke, rims and turbo-upgrades. AmmuNation gets cheaper by 25% with bullet ammo, tints, body armour, throwables and drum & box magazines.

GTA 5 Online: Bikers DLC
New Biker Stunt Race 'Forest' debuts with latest Bikers update Rockstar Games

Participate in new premium races: 'Forest' and 'Double Loop', during the bonus period to earn triple RP bonus and win exclusive GTA$ prizes for finishing in top three positions.

You can also avail GTA$ cash-back bonuses on any Bull, Great White, Whale or Megalodon on all Shark Card purchases until 17 October. Higher value shark cards fetch bigger GTA$ bonus and vice-versa:

  • Bull Shark - 15% money back (GTA$75,000)
  • Great White Shark – 30% money back (GTA$375,000)
  • Whale Shark – 35% money back (GTA$1,225,000)
  • Megalodon Shark – 50% money back (GTA$4,000,000)

All valid shark card purchases will earn you a GTA$ bonus which will be credited into your in-game Maze Bank account in one-lump sum by 21 October.