GTA Diamond Casino Heist: Top features you must know to earn millions of dollars

The Diamond Casino Heist is now available in GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto Online has unleashed a new robbery for the city of Los Santos. The all-new Diamond Casino Heist update comes with a new robbery scheme unleashing a bunch of new music tracks, arsenal of weapons, collectables and balance changes to make the gameplay even more enjoyable.

In the game, the Change Family Holdings ancestor and the younger sister to party boy, Gregorian Cheng, sends you a cryptic message. You, with the help of your good old hacker fella Lester, would have to accompany them to organize the heist, and thus make a considerable stash of the dollar, and chip.

The new story feels engaging with more realistic graphics with a dash of realistic graphics punched with some breathtaking new music tracks.

For executing the thrilling heist, you would require the right location, crew and appropriate gears and meet Lester in Mirror Park, then tap into Maze Bank Foreclosures to acquire the new Arcade property.

GTA Diamond Casino Heist
The all new arcade in the GTA Diamond Casino Heist Rockstar Games

You can literally run an arcade with dozens of new arcade games including:

  • Badlands Revenge II
  • The Wizard's Ruin
  • Race and Chase - Street Legal
  • Race and Chase - Crotch Rockers
  • Race and Chase - Get Truckin'
  • Space Monkey 3: Bananas Gone Bad
  • Shiny Wasabi Kitty Claw
  • Nazar Speaks Fortune Teller
  • The Love Professor
  • Defender of the Faith, Monkey's Paradise
  • The Penetrator

Here you can invite your folks or any other random players to experience the Arcade.

Once your Arcade gets up and running, the basement planning area below is where the real work begins. The Hideout houses three planning boards and provides a place to store sourced getaway vehicles and heist prep equipment, as well as areas to stage rehearsals to practice cracking vaults and hacking doors with your crew.

However, buying an Arcade won't be that cheap. Alongside, there would be options to upgrade, including having better-designed floors or having a big garage.

The in-game free garage would be based out of Paleto Bay, meaning you have to drive along to Los Santos for executing the heist.

The Diamond Casino Heist would offer you three unique approaches and myriad ways to execute each of them. You could choose Silent & Sneaky to enter undetected and try to make off with the haul before they even know what hit them. Engage in deception by going The Big Con route and masquerading as maintenance staff, pest control or other contractors. Or opt to go in guns blazing with the Aggressive approach – just be prepared to be met with increased resistance.

Each approach would offer you a series of choices to accomplish your heist. And if any of your attempts during the time go wrong, you would still be allowed to complete the mission by dealing with any changing scenarios and pushing through to the end with your last remaining lives. This change is unlike the previous gameplay.

GTA Diamond Heist
GTA Diamond Heist adds a series of new sports cars Rockstar Games

New cars

For the thrilling mission, the latest update would offer you a series of new vehicles. You could choose from a set of luxury sports cars or a maxed-out hatchback. The new list includes:

  • Karin Everon
  • Lampadati Komoda
  • Maxwell Asbo
  • Maxwell Vagrant
  • Vapid Retinue MKII
  • Übermacht
  • Rebla GTS

Alongside, you would also get a fleet of six vehicles from Warstock Cache & Carry's commercial inventory.

Other updates

Unlike the previous editions, you won't be allowed self-destruction right after killing another player and would have to continue playing for five more minutes.

You would get an all-new radio called iFruit Radio with UK Rapper Danny Brown as a host.

The channel would feature some unreleased tracks from Baauer x Channel Tres ft Danny Brown, Denzel Curry & YBN Cordae, Pop Smoke and slowthai in addition to favorite music stars like DaBaby, Megan Thee Stallion, Burna Boy, J Hus, Skepta and Travis Scott. That is an exciting and welcoming addition to the game.

The Diamond Heist update would also offer new collectables for players to locate. You can now search the map to solve riddles about a serial killer or can track out signal jammers and spying devices installed by the government.

GTA Diamond Casino Heist
GTA Diamond Casino Heist Rockstar Games