GTA 6 Easter eggs
GTA 6 secret and hidden locations found in GTA 5 YouTube

Renowned YouTuber Sernandoe has shed some light on the hidden and secret location of GTA 6 found in GTA 5, in his latest gameplay video for GTA Online. Talking about a few references and Easter Eggs pertaining to GTA 6 found in GTA 5, the YouTuber says that he will showcase the older ones first, before picking up the newest from the GTA community forums.

GTA Miami Easter-Egg
GTA Miami Easter-Egg Sernandoe via YouTube

Recalling the mission 'Give me Liberty' from GTA 3, the YouTuber notes that the game hid an interesting Easter-Egg that actually foretold where the next Grand Theft Auto (GTA) game would be happening.

To be precise, the Easter-Egg included the image of an airplane with an accompanying message saying, "see you in Miami". One could also notice a foot message just below the image reading, "Francis International".

Although some people had thought the image reference to Miami could just be inconsequential, we just saw the release of GTA Vice City just a year after GTA 3 was launched.

GTA Los Santos Easter-Egg
GTA Los Santos Easter-Egg Sernandoe via YouTube

Exactly six years after the release of Vice City in the GTA franchise, we got some GTA 4 action in 2008 with a fresh bunch of exciting Easter-Eggs hidden in the game files. One such Easter-Egg on a random billboard in the game clearly suggested that you will be able to visit Los Santos at the expense of $299 and you will be able to fly across the US.

The Easter-Egg has finally come true with the release of GTA 5 in 2013 as we got the opportunity to visit two new cities: Los Santos and Blaine County in the US.

GTA Vinewood Easter-Egg
GTA Vinewood Easter-Egg Sernandoe via YouTube

In another art-work at the amusement park in GTA 4, we could clearly see a poster with Vinewood location details and suburbs hinting at what's in store with the next GTA game release.

GTA Liberty City Easter-Egg
GTA Liberty City Easter-Egg Sernandoe via YouTube

Moving on to the final Easter-Egg depicted in the 'The Ballad of Gay Tony' DLC manual, wherein Rockstar Games has basically teased the location for the fifth iteration of GTA aka GTA 5. The manual just says, "Liberty City, It's Over! NEXT STOP." You will also see some infographics about some mountain printed to one corner of the manual and we could just wonder if Rockstar was hinting at Mt. Chiliad game location in GTA 5.

Corporate Security Gruppe 6 Easter-Egg
Corporate Security Gruppe 6 Easter-Egg Sernandoe via YouTube

Coming to GTA 5, Rockstar has reportedly left a couple of hints and Easter-Eggs around the in-game map itself wherein you could see an emblem with "6" imprinted on it. It was later ascertained that the emblem actually signified 'Corporate Security Gruppe 6, which could often be found stickered on the Gruppe money truck.

It is almost certain that Rockstar would move its next GTA game to a newer game-world location away from Los Santos and Blaine County as the game maker does not like repetition of locations in its sequel-game releases.

GTA flyU6 Easter-Egg
GTA flyU6 Easter-Egg Sernandoe via YouTube

If you walk into Michael's house, you will find a couple of air tickets with the flyU6 logo imprinted on it. This is the same logo which you could have seen on the hanging billboard in GTA 4.

As far as Michael travelling to a new location is concerned, we have seen him confront Trevor at the North Yankton grave yard in GTA 5 single-player mission. So, the second airline ticket lying on the table could actually suggest that Michael could be travelling for the second time across the US, which is probably in GTA 6.

Although North Yankton could be one of the highly-speculated game locations for GTA 6, it cannot be confirmed yet as Rockstar has left no clues about the forthcoming title in GTA franchise.

'I love Vice City' Easter Egg
'I love Vice City' Easter-Egg Sernandoe via YouTube

However, if you travel to the beach shore in GTA 5, you will see a towel with the logo "I love VC" wherein VC stands for Vice City. So, Vice City could be one of the possible game locations for GTA 6 or the next GTA 5 DLC.

Just travel all the way to the earmarked location (see video) on the map, near the police station and the mechanic shop.

GTA Liberty City Easter-Egg
GTA Liberty City Easter-Egg Sernandoe via YouTube

Then just walk to the building adjacent to the flyover and you will notice a couple of Easter-Eggs such as the radio-station from GTA 4, Liberty Rock. It could actually signal that Liberty City could be one of the possible locations for GTA 6.

Moving on to the next Easter-Egg, we could see some markings on the wall, which closely resembles the city-structure in London, UK. It can now be presumed that Rockstar could be launching its next GTA game based on the locales of the UK.