GTA 5 vs GTA Online: Ten most-wanted story mode features missing in multiplayer version

YouTuber MrBossFTW reveals the ten most-wanted story mode features for GTA Online in his latest gameplay video.

Prolific YouTuber MrBossFTW reveals the ten most-amazing GTA 5 story-mode features that are missing and needed in the multiplayer mode, in his latest gameplay video for GTA Online.

Ability to train and use pet-animals as body guards

Although GTA fans are gradually losing interest in the story mode feature of the game owing to lack of replay value, there are a few things like the ability to train pet-animals which could infuse more fun and frolic into the ageing world of GTA Online. For instance, a pet dog or a mountain lion could be your best companion as you explore the streets of Los Santos in free-roaming mode.

Places like Blaine County, Sandy Shores, Grape Seed, Paleto Bay are tailor-made for breeding and taming wild animals. However, Rockstar seems to have an issue with encoding the animal character into the online version of the game as it involves technical difficulties in enabling each character in the game to be able to interact with these animals without actually glitching out.

Car Physics

Whenever you slam your car to a light-pole or if it hits another vehicle's bumper, you will be thrown out of the car's windshield in single-player mode. It would be a real fun-factor to have this ragdoll physics and mechanics feature in the multiplayer mode, as it would increase the difficulty levels of driving while you try to evade cops tailing you after a mission gone wrong.

Random NPC Events

When in free-roam mode your single-player character can come across random NPC events like giving a lift to someone or defending an NPC from the attacking gangsters. You could choose to kill the gangsters or flee from their line of sight to complete the side mission for making some decent cash.

Unfortunately, there are no such NPC events in the multiplayer version or GTA Online for some reason.

Minute Details in the Game World

Some of the minute details in the game world such as the objects littered on the pavements near the Los Santos Customs shop are quite-strangely limited to the story mode. For instance, you could kill your boredom shooting at spray-paint cans, which invariably shoot up when a bullet hits them.

Being Busted by the Police

Any time you get a single or two-star wanted level in story mode, you can avoid getting killed by the police if you allow them to arrest you. So, you have the choice of choosing to get busted or killed depending on your actions in both the single-player and multiplayer version.

However, it would be a cool little enhancement if the game allows you to be locked up in the jail until one of your friends bails you out of there using any means necessary. That's a good way to utilize the unused police station in the online game.

Stock Market

The ability to buy and invest in stocks is disappointingly limited to single-player game. It would be a great way to make quick money, if Rockstar allowed players to buy and sell shares in the online game.

This feature could be particularly interesting if the stock values could be controlled by actions performed by players during online missions, along the lines of assassination missions in the single-player mode. Rockstar seems to have withheld this idea fearing instances of money glitches and some greedy-players hacking into the system to get rich instantly in the game.

Owning Businesses

Owning business properties has been an integral part of GTA series since the advent of GTA Vice City and this concept has carried over to the single-player mode in GTA 5.

It would be a cool idea to be able to acquire brand-business properties like the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club, Los Santos Customs Shop, AmmuNation Stores or the Bahama Mamas Night Club in the online version of the game. There could be missions to be completed in order to make profits and sustain these businesses in the long run.

Single-Player Character Transitions

There is no animation scene or transition effect following the character switching in the multiplayer mode, unlike the single-player transition effects. The lack of transitions seems to remove the sheen off the game as there is sheer lack of dynamism with the online playable characters in GTA 5.

Big Houses and Mansions

There is still no access to mansions or big houses in GTA Online something along the lines of Michael's house or Franklin's multi-storied apartment. Rockstar could try adding a big playboy mansion or allow access to big houses like the one owned by Martin Madrazo in GTA 5.

Random Police Chases

There are no off-missions or random events in online mode like the police chasing some gangsters or arresting someone or paramedics rushing to help the wounded civilians amid massive gun-battles between the cops and the gangsters. The addition of such random events could make the online game more alive and kicking.