GTA 5 secrets: Destroying Michael's house, missing rooms and mysterious features revealed

YouTuber MrBossFTW reveals a bunch of mysterious features with Michael's house, in his latest gameplay video for GTA 5.

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GTA 5 secrets: Destroying Michael’s house, missing rooms and mysterious features revealed

GTA 5 has a treasure trove of secrets and hidden features that are being randomly unearthed in the game over the last three years, ever since the game's inception. Renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) has revealed a bunch of secrets in the game's story mode pertaining to Michael's house, in his latest gameplay video for GTA 5.

As the YouTuber admits, you can actually bombard Michael's mansion with explosives such as the sticky bombs and the rocket launcher.

Whenever you fire a rocket at Michael's mansion while playing either as Trevor or Franklin, you will receive an instant message on your in-game phone from Michael asking you if you were the one firing rockets at his house.

There are a couple of interesting things to note here: Michael's reaction on your in-game actions and Rockstar's pre-empted coding to have this feature included in the game.

With the GTA community going abuzz with rumours of some players partially destroying Michael's house in the game, Ross had voluntarily decided to test if the rumours were indeed true.

The YouTuber wondered if Michael's house had any dynamically destructible elements involved in its construction, wherein any explosive could use it up as fuel for fire.

However, it is now evident that Michael's house cannot be destroyed whatsoever, as it's not going to collapse or blow up or shatter the windows even if you explode a hundred C4s on it. You will only see some black discolouration with the explosion marks seen all over the place.

Although there is no way of destroying the exteriors of Michael's house in GTA 5, you could still make some damage to the mansion's interiors. You can actually destroy the dining table adjacent to the hall when you repeatedly shoot at it with your minigun or throw a bunch of explosives while standing at the side entrance.

As Ross explains, the explosives will vaporise the chairs and also decimate some of the supporting walls in the room as you inflict more explosive damage on the interiors of the house. One portion of the wall column near the kitchen can be blown up completely, so that the wooden structures supporting the wall will stand exposed.

It is believed that the concept of shooting from the side-door entrance and damaging the interiors of the house has been borrowed from the MerryWeather mission in story mode wherein you will be entrusted the task of defending Michael's house from the insurgents.

It is quite surprising to see the free mode in GTA 5 offering such unique features to bring more replay value to the game. However, it must be noted that you cannot simply destroy everything inside the house as some decorative lamps and tables seem to be unaffected by your explosive damage and minigun firing.

Michael's house is the only mansion in the game which is not completely indestructible. You cannot, however, reproduce this feat on Trevor's trailer or Franklin's house as Michael's home is something special in the game.

Very few GTA 5 players would have noticed a secret door to Michael's house on the outside, which is strictly restricted to last-gen consoles only. You can no longer access this secret door on current-gen consoles as the door has been replaced with a wall structure.

If you use the ghosting effect, you can clearly walk past this wall and enter a gigantic room leading up to some stairs on one side of the room. It is still not clear why Rockstar has kept this room inaccessible in the story mode of the game, as it looks like a convenient hideout place for Michael to stash all his heist money, gear and equipment.

If you climb up the stairs and reach the first floor, you will see the skylight, a glass window on the ceiling that shows the view of Eclipse Towers and other neighbouring buildings. With so much grandeur and decoration, Michael's house definitely looks a worthy investment, which could cost around $2 million in real life.

The biggest mystery here is that the skylight window is only visible from inside of the house as there are no such openings on the roof when you view from the top of the house. The mysterious skylight feature seems like one of the biggest glitches gone unnoticed by Rockstar developers.

You can find another mysterious room (near the closet) on the first floor of the house wherein the door looks tightly sealed and you may use the No Clip or Ghost mode to enter this room. Like the other secret room on the ground floor, this one does not have any furniture or objects and seems completely empty or undeveloped.