GTA 5 Online: Ultimate tips and tricks to make millions of dollars

Comprehensive guide to make millions of GTA$ quickly and easily in GTA Online.

A veteran Grand Theft Auto (GTA) player has dedicated a webpage with all the consolidated tips and tricks guide to make millions of GTA$ in GTA Online with ease. Basically, there are five different ways of making quick, legit money in the game without using cheats or hacks.

Here is the complete guide depicting the various money-minting ways in the multiplayer mode of GTA 5 starting with least to most lucrative jobs:


Jobs are the most widely available means of making money in GTA Online, but the gamer can only choose one out of six random missions and they literally lack enough customisation options. On an average, any player can make around $96,318 per hour with a maximum take of $143,830/h depending on how fast one can clear up the objectives in the mission.

Daily Objectives

As a beginner, one can easily earn around $150,000/h for completing the daily objectives, which will take roughly 20 minutes of gameplay each day. Moreover, you get a chance to earn a weekly and monthly bonus to top up your daily earnings.

VIP missions

VIP missions are one of the most lucrative options in GTAO which are relatively easier to do given the consistent payout it offers to all players across the table. To start these missions, one needs to have at least $1, 00, 000 or $1m in the bank account. The missions have a four-hour time limit with a 12 hour cooldown.

Alternatively, one can purchase the office building and upgrade their profile to CEO with an initial investment of $1m in order to unlock unlimited time for VIP missions. Using a new wave trick, one can earn up to $211,500/h in any of these missions while a normal yield gives you $149,193/h.


Heists are one of the most lucrative yet it involves the easiest jobs to do. It only requires some luxury apartment to store your cars and a heist planning room to host the job.

The only downside is that you need specific number of people to complete the job wherein each team member's contribution is vital for the success.

Here is the full list of various heist missions in the game with lowest to highest paid per hour in ascending order:

  • Series A Funding - $150,490/h
  • Fleeca - $154,100/h (this is so low, because the job has an hour cooldown)
  • Humane Labs - $177,485/h
  • Prison Break - $187,637/h
  • Pacific Standard - $289,102/h

CEO Cargo

CEO Cargo missions are the most lucrative out of the lot we have seen so far, but they could also become a money sinking hole if you do it all wrong.

Assuming that you use three crates and sell them off at full, here is the earning potential of each warehouse depending on its size:

  • Small warehouse - $194,887/h
  • Medium warehouse - $276,000/h
  • Large warehouse - $350,526/h

Also, it is advisable to reward your associates appropriately as the default wages ($40,000 to $45,000 per hour) offered in the CEO system is pointless. Besides, if you want your team to stick with you for longer period of times then you would better pay them a good sum that can make their time worthwhile.

Ultimate tips and tricks to maximise profits and returns

CEO Cargo Runs

  • Avoid using small warehouses as they make less money than heists or VIP missions.
  • ALWAYS wait until a warehouse is full to sell, there is a multiplier that makes every crate more valuable the more crates you have.
  • Watch out for special items, it will always show up as the buy single crate in your warehouses even if your secretary forgets to tell you.
  • Except for special items, do away with 1 or 2 crates. Although you will save money, you will also make a lot less in return.
  • Get a Buzzard or Volatus quickly in the game as it will considerably increase your profit every hour.
  • Hire as many associates as you can, as it makes collection go faster and amps up security. Pay them well to keep them loyal to you.

The Wave Trick

  • The wave trick includes a startup sequence, a down wave where it builds up to form the up wave wherein the up wave comprises 3 missions end to end with no cooldown.
  • The start sequence is headhunter, cooldown and then hostile takeover.
  • The down wave is cooldown, headhunter and then a cooldown.
  • The up wave is sightseer, headhunter and then hostile takeover.
  • Once through the startup phase, the down and up wave can go on indefinitely to generate up to $211,500/h.

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