GTA 5 Online TRON DLC: New secret and hidden features, tips and tricks revealed

YouTuber MrBossFTW reveals a bunch of secret and hidden features for TRON DLC in GTA Online.

GTA 5 Online TRON DLC: New secret and hidden features, tips and tricks revealed
GTA 5 Online TRON DLC: New secret and hidden features, tips and tricks revealed YouTube

GTA fans are in for some exciting news as renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) reveals a bunch of secret features and hidden details as well as tips and tricks for the newly released TRON DLC in GTA Online. Some of his noteworthy tips include how to wear the Deadline helmet on a different outfit.

Rockstar does not allow us to mix and match the Deadline outfit with any other clothing or accessories in the game. However, Ross has unraveled the secret way of using the Deadline helmet with various other custom outfits in GTA Online.

How to wear Deadline helmet with any different outfit

Here's how to wear the Deadline helmet on a different outfit:

  • Just ensure that you have logged into the Deadline DLC mode at least once and play it in GTA Online, so that the Deadline outfit will be unlocked to you via in-game clothing stores such as Ponsonbys.
  • Now select the desired colour of the Deadline outfit that you wish to wear among green, yellow, orange and purple.
  • Bring up the in-game player-interaction menu and enable or turn on the option: "Auto Show Bike Helmet". Also, ensure that you have selected the appropriate variant of Deadline helmet in the menu, under the option for Bike Helmet.
  • Now switch to the desired outfit that you would wish to wear along with the Deadline helmet. For instance, you can choose any random outfit which is already in the game like the Garbage Man, Firefighter or Paramedic outfit.
  • Get on your TRON bike and wait for the character to equip the chosen Deadline helmet.
  • Just go to the clothing store or the Vespucci movie-mask shop and then get off your bike.
  • Now, quickly run inside the store and get to a place where you can browse the clothing items, before your character could take off the helmet. Basically, you need to quickly get to the place where you can change the outfit while the character is still having the helmet ON, to make this glitch work out for you.
  • Once you have successfully accomplished this feat, just ensure that you save your new custom outfit with the Deadline helmet still on.
  • Now pull up the accessories menu while you are still inside the store and put on some fingerless gloves that suit your outfit. Then overwrite the custom Deadline outfit which you saved in the previous step, so that the glove accessory gets permanently saved with that outfit.

Alternatively, some users have discovered a way to put on bullet-proof helmet and gas-mask combo along with the TRON suit aka Deadline outfit. With due credit to Mr_Zombly, check out the screenshot posted below:

How to get a custom logo onto your Deadline outfit

  • Ross goes on to explain how to get any custom logo on your TRON suit in the second half of the video. Here's how you do it:
  • Go to the Ponsonbys clothing store and walk to the T-shirt section to pull up its interaction menu.
  • Now select any T-shirt with a logo and it does not matter which variant you choose among special, bikers... etc. As long as it has a logo imprinted on it, it should work fine.
  • Ideally, you could pick a bright-coloured logo as it contrasts well with the dark background of your TRON outfit. For instance, you can pick the T-shirt with Cat logo or the FTW bomb for a funky look.
  • Go back to the reception desk where the lady is standing and then apply one of the TRON aka Deadline outfits.
  • Return to the clothing or saved outfits menu and save it with a new name. Once you have saved the outfit, the logo should reappear on your TRON outfit whenever you select the name of the outfit from the player-interaction menu.

Note: This trick is applicable on all of the TRON aka Deadline outfits, regardless of its colour.

Two of the hoodies in the game are apparently bugged, which enables GTA Online players to mix and match a hoodie with the Deadline outfit. The catch here is that it works only in your apartment and not anywhere else.

How to wear a hoodie with the TRON suit

  • Go to your nearest apartment and enter the clothes-changing room or the wardrobe section while wearing the TRON suit.
  • Once the interaction menu pops-up, just go to the special tops section and choose the item 'Manufacturer Logos'.
  • The two hoodies that have been successfully tested with this glitch include the Nagasaki Black Hoodie and the Western Black Hoodie. If you try any other option, the whole outfit will disappear as it seems to be some compatibility issue.
  • Tip: It is recommended to stick with the Nagasaki hoodie as it represents the manufacturer name for the Shotaro or the TRON bike in the game. It gives you a cool look as it blends perfectly with the black ensemble of the TRON suit.

As the game does not offer any crew colours for the TRON suit, you could use the video guides for each of the hexcodes shared by Ross:

  • #EFBA1B Deadline Yellow
  • #428503AA Deadline Green
  • #AA3F00 Deadline Orange
  • #1E1FA2 Deadline Purple
  • #8F2F55AA Deadline Pink
  • #661C1BAA Deadline Red
  • #343E6BFF Deadline Blue
  • #3C3C3CFF Deadline White

You can choose your favourite hexcode and apply it to your crew colour in the game. Then apply the secondary colour as crew from the Los Santos Customs shop for your TRON bike. Now, you will have the same colour on the bike as that of your outfit.