GTA 5 Online: Top 10 most-wanted vehicles to own, customise and store in garages

YouTuber MrBossFTW shares the list of most-wanted vehicles to be able to own, customise and store in garages, in GTA Online.

Renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW aka Ross walks us through the list of 10 most-wanted or blacklisted GTA 5 vehicles to be able to own, customise, and store in GTA Online garages. Some of these blacklisted vehicles are single-player only while some others are locked out of the game intentionally.

Here is the complete list of those elusive rides that we often dream of acquiring in the game solely for their unique looks and features:

Duke O' Death

The Duke O' Death is one of those classic muscle cars that made its way to GTA 5 at the time when Rockstar released the remastered edition of the game for next-generation consoles - Xbox One and PS4.

It is believed that this car did not make it into the online version owing to its armoured capability, but then we saw a massive flood of new armoured vehicles entering GTA Online such as the Insurgent, the Kuruma, and a slew of others with the advent of Executives and Other Criminals DLC in the game.

This car is touted to be exclusively meant for the returning console-gamers, which could be the only reason for non-availability of Duke O' Death in GTA Online.

Tip#1: Some of the stock cars in the single-player mode of the game could be unlocked after completing a list of specified missions or one could purchase them via in-game automobile shops.

Go-Go-Monkey Balista

This is another stock car with monkey themed body-artwork and decals. With such a cool design and epic livery options, the Monkey Balista should definitely be on top of our most-wanted cars in GTA Online.

The Lost Slam Van

The Lost Slam Van is one of those rare gangster vehicles in the game, which is unusable in the online version except while playing some specific single-player missions. If the highly-rumoured Biker-themed DLC indeed comes to GTA Online, we might see the advent of The Lost Slam Van as part of the DLC item update.

One might recollect that the Slam Van is a really cool vehicle returning to GTA 5 from 'The Lost and the Damned' DLC in GTA 4. So, in all we could be seeing a stock version, a custom variant, and a biker model, if Rockstar does introduce this vehicle into the game.

The Space Docker

The Space Docker is basically a Dune Buggy with some basic upgrades. It is till date constrained to the single-player mode, which happens in a game world that follows the timeline of GTA Online. As both the single and multiplayer game modes occur in different timelines, we are unlikely to see many of these rare vehicles in the online version.

Tip #2: One could easily customise a Dune Buggy at the Los Santos Customs shop to build the Space Docker in no time.

Emergency Vehicles and Police Cars

All these emergency special vehicles could add to the fun factor especially for role-playing-game scenarios in GTA Online. However, none of these vehicles could be stored in our garages due to the limitation imposed in the game. For instance, the police cruiser and the FIB cars should be storable, given their normal size.

It is debatable if Rockstar is reserving these emergency vehicles to be added later as part of the Cops and Crooks DLC in GTA Online.

Sprunk Xtreme and Other Custom-Livery Vans

Some of the custom-livery vans like the Brute Pony cannot be stored in garages in the online mode, although they are freely available as parked street vehicles around random locations in GTA 5.

There are few other livery vans like GO Postal, Sunset Bleach, Bug Star Van and Atomic, which come with cool customisation options. It is still unclear why Rockstar is not permitting us to store these elusive vehicles, despite their normal size and footprint.

Dune Rally Truck

The dune rally truck is a Pegasus vehicle in GTA Online and hence it cannot be stored inside our garages. However, given its size and non-weaponised or non-armoured upgrade features, it is one of our favourites in the list of most-wanted vehicles in the online mode.

The Taxi

The Taxi is another role-playing car in the game, which could double up as a source of income especially when you are done with the primary missions and want to make some quick bucks without having to steal one from the streets of Los Santos. It is also befitting to install crew logos and themes on the taxi as it gives the needed publicity as you pick customers around various places in the game.

The Tow Trucks

The Tow Truck could really be handy if one of your car's wheels come off the axle or if you want to have some fun towing vehicles to their destiny while making some quick money. Although the bigger variant might not fit inside the garage, you could easily accommodate the mini-variant of the tow truck - a slam van with the hook attachment at its back.

Utility Trucks

Finally, it would be cool if we could store the utility trucks in one of our garages as they come in handy for carrying supplies from one warehouse to another. Given their compact size and unique looks, we wish Rockstar adds them into the list of storable vehicles in GTA Online.

Do let us know what type of vehicles you would like to see being added into the list of storable vehicles, in the comments section below.