GTA 5 Online: Top 10 most-awaited stunt vehicles for Cunning Stunts Update revealed

YouTuber Dat Saintsfan reveals the top 10 vehicles' wishlist for Cunning Stunts Update in GTA Online.

Rockstar Games recently teased about the possible release of Cunning Stunts Update in GTA Online in its recent post on Newswire while the GTA community is already abuzz with discussions on the most-wanted DLC vehicles for the forthcoming update. Renowned YouTuber Dat Saintsfan has put up the list of top 10 vehicles for the Cunning Stunts DLC based on the fan feedback via Twitter and the wishlist shared by the GTA community members.

In its recent post on Newswire, Rockstar clearly hinted that the Cunning Stunts Update will bring "a slew of Stunt-Ready vehicles and gears", besides several rumours suggesting that we will also be seeing a bunch of customisable vehicles at the Benny's.

Here is the full-list of proposed Stunt-Ready cars for Cunning Stunts Update:

The Hot Wheels Car

As Dat Saintsfan puts it, the Hot Wheels Car aka off-road cars are on top of his priority list as they offer a lot of fun with stunt missions given their immaculate suspension capabilities. Rockstar could just take the design cues from the Hot Wheels toy-car and put them to good use in making some cool Stunt-Ready cars for GTA Online.

Trophy Trucks

Next up in the list is the Trophy Truck aka off-road cars or rally cars which have been doing the rounds in GTA community for quite some time.

Rally Cars

Little RC cars

The Little RC cars can be better known as tiny variants of off-road cars which copy the aerodynamic looks of the official Formula-I cars. However, their wheels look like a hybrid of super-monster-truck wheels.

Rockstar might also include a few custom upgrades for these super stunt-cars for racing off-road or on dirt tracks.

Carrier Truck with Stunt Ramp

Stunt Carrier Truck (aka Carrier Truck with Stunt Ramp) would be an ideal choice for the Cunning Stunts Update as you could take it wherever you go to perform some stunning air stills even while the truck is moving.

Rally Supercar: Apex

Then we have the Rally Supercar with upgraded engine, racing spoilers and some cool aerodynamic-looks.

Rally Supercar: Forza-5

It is a regular rally car with the Kuruma body-design and looks. But, it brings the off-road tyres and engine fine-tuning for cross-country drift-races on dirt tracks.

You can upgrade them with really cool decals, custom liveries and paint jobs along with some stunt packages like extreme hydraulics.

Custom BMX Bike

A customisable BMX bike is another cool idea suggested by a fan on Twitter. But, given the stunts you could perform on a BMX, it definitely sounds like a great idea for Cunning Stunts Update in GTA Online.

All-Terrain Vehicles or ATV Bikes

These are the normal ATVs with some custom stunting upgrades like improved hydraulics and suspension, which enable wheelies and jumping off-the-cliffs for air-time-stunts in free mode or across cross-country dirt-races.

Stunting Race Bikes and Dirt Bikes

A couple of good Stunting Race Bikes or Dirt Bikes will bring in more variety to the gameplay with Cunning Stunts Update, and let's hope that Rockstar will heed to the rising demands of its fans in GTA Online.

Duke O' Death and Livery Cars

Duke O' Death and other custom livery cars available in the single player mode could double-up as Rally Muscle Cars with some extreme-turbo-capability for drifting in Cunning Stunts DLC for GTA Online.