GTA 5 Online: Solo unlimited money and RP glitches after patch 1.35

Veteran YouTubers reveal the latest solo unlimited money and RP glitches after patch 1.35 in GTA Online.

Avid Grand Theft Auto (GTA) gamers are in for some exciting news as some veteran YouTubers have shared a bunch of cool video-guides for solo unlimited money and RP glitch after installing patch 1.35 in GTA Online.

Here is Inferno's simple guide to make unlimited money in GTA Online:

  • Tip #1: This money glitch works on all current-gen consoles including PS4 and Xbox One as well as the PC. However, last-gen users may also try this glitch as it has not yet been tested.
  • Just log into GTA Online and drive your car to the marked location on the map as shown in the video (below).
  • You will now notice a Golden Jeep standing on the roadside at this location after waiting for about 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Just drive this car to Los Santos Customs and sell it to make some decent sum of money, which is approximately $22,000. You can earn $22,000 each time you sell this vehicle.
  • Alternatively, you could store these vehicles in your 10-car garage which is nearest to the LSC, and then sell them together for a whopping $220,000.
  • You might also get the help of your friend if you want to store more cars at once. Just ask your friend to store the car for you and sell it later to make more money in GTA Online.
  • As there is a 45 minutes waiting window before you could sell a vehicle again, it is better to try this glitch with as many friends as you have so that you can store more cars and sell more cars taking turns every hour in GTA Online.

In related news, another YouTuber Revoo has shared an unlimited money and unlimited Reputation Points (RP) glitch using custom jobs by logging into PSN and Xbox Live networks in GTA Online. This new glitch has been tested to work on all current-gen consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) with patch 1.35 installed.

  • Jut download the appropriate job for performing this glitch using the download links provided below, based on your console type:

a) Xbox consoles or Xbox One

b) PSN consoles or PS4

  • After downloading the job through your social club account, just bookmark the job in the game menu.
  • Now you can load the downloaded job via Start > Job > My Bookmarked jobs and select the new custom job by clicking on it. Remember to set it to hard mode in game settings to earn maximum money and RP.
  • Just rinse and repeat these jobs to make fast money and RP in GTA Online.

For further assistance, check out Revoo's gameplay video (below):

Also, check out Rover Gaming's easy unlimited money glitch after patch 1.35 in GTA Online:

  • You can make nearly $300,000 every hour using this new unlimited money glitch.
  • Just drive your car to the store location earmarked on the map (see video) and set the location status to last location from the player interaction menu. So that every time you start a new session, you will be spawned back to the same location right in front of the Supermarket store.
  • Now ensure that you get a two-star by shooting at the items stored on the shelves. Then you need to kill the store keeper to earn the three-star wanted level.
  • Run around the shopping complex to one corner (see video) and then hit Start > open a new online session and your wanted level should be gone. Cops will not spawn anywhere near you or trouble you either as this is a glitch.
  • This glitch potentially gives you over $3,000 in 20 seconds just for shooting inside the store. So, you can rinse and repeat this process and keep killing the store keeper every time before you go into hiding and then exit the session or start a new session via Start menu.