GTA 5 Online: Six simple ways to become a quick millionaire, ahead of Cunning Stunts DLC release

YouTubers Sernandoe and MrBossFTW share some quick tips and tricks to get filthy rich in GTA Online.

GTA 5 Online: Cunning Stunts DLC update (part 2)
GTA 5 Online: Six simple ways to become a quick millionaire, ahead of Cunning Stunts DLC release

Rockstar Games has recently announced yet another Cunning Stunts DLC update (part 2) for 14 March release in GTA Online while avid GTA gamers are scavenging the best ways to become a quick millionaire in game ahead of the DLC release. Meanwhile, a bunch of renowned YouTubers like Sernandoe and MrBossFTW (aka Ross) have disclosed the easiest ways to stay rich and save money for purchasing some insanely expensive items from the upcoming DLC.

Here are a handful of tips and tricks to get rich and become a quick millionaire in GTA Online, with due credits to fellow YouTuber 'AzaP MoDz':

  • You stand a chance to earn around $100,000 for each win (finishing at first position) in any of the premium races in GTA Online. However, there is a cool down timer of one week, once you have successfully finished a premium race at first place.
  • On the contrary, if you finished on the second, third or last places, you will get unlimited opportunities to participate in the race until you win it eventually. The race lasts for barely 3 minutes and hence it is a great way to make some decent cash in quick time.
  • Moving on to the next tip, you can always sell your unused cars at the Los Santos Customs shop for a decent sum of money. Ideally, look for that one car which seems outdated and does not serve any purpose to you in races and special CEO or biker missions as some cars are only bought for looks.
  • Selling these unused cars will also make some free space in your garage. So, you will have enough space to accommodate new supercars and sports classics that will be coming with the next Cunning Stunts update in GTA Online.
  • The third most-lucrative job currently in the game is undoubtedly the Time Trial event. You can easily make about $50,000 for just completing the time trial with a par score, beating the previous best record time.
  • The catch here is that you would take about 10-15 minutes to complete a mission of identical difficulty levels, but the time trial will barely require around two to three minutes of your precious game time.
  • You will need a fast bike like the Shotaro in order to complete the time trial easily. Besides, you need to keep popping wheelies at regular intervals in order to get a good acceleration boost while also keeping the vehicle in a straight line for longer periods of time.
  • Every week, Rockstar Games will be hosting special event weekend with double money and RP bonus, which is an awesome way to earn big amounts of cash just by participating in those events. There are specific missions or race events that can be added to your job playlist, so that you don't miss out on those lucrative (money and RP churning) jobs.
  • You will also save plenty of time when doing a playlist, as it reduces the loading and wait times since you will be literally playing with the same guys.
  • Finally, you have the money-glitch method wherein you are going to sell crates through your personal computer from the Finance and Felony DLC. You just have to collect the crates and deliver them to the pre-designated locations to earn tons of cash quickly (almost $2.1 million for a plane full of crates).

Also, check out Ross' exclusive gameplay tips (see video below) for saving money and staying rich ahead of the upcoming Cunning Stunts DLC release.