GTA 5 Online: Six secretly amazing features, tips and tricks you may have missed

YouTuber MrBossFTW reveals six secretly insane features in GTA Online that you may not know in his latest gameplay video.

Renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) has revealed six secretly amazing features including some nifty tips and tricks for GTA Online in his latest gameplay video. You could use a few of these tips to play pranks on your friends or just have some uninhibited fun in the free roam mode.

Vespucci Beach Secret

You can unlock one of the most-exciting secret features near the Vespucci Beach at night when you go to the left-side of the beach, just adjacent to the flyover bridge near the volleyball court.

Just walk into the body of water which looks like some glittering gems and shoot some rockets or grenades into the water. You will notice that the projectiles just bounce off the surface of the water for some unknown reason.

Ross has confirmed that the glitch works flawlessly on RPGs, fireworks launcher and the homing launcher. For instance, the fireworks launcher will invariably produce the red, white, and green effect after the projectile bounces off the surface of water.

Tip: Just make sure that you don't shoot at your foot else you might blow yourself up in smoke. Aim your weapon a bit away from your body for a perfect-projectile launch into the sky.

Tiger Tank and Insurgent Pickup Glitch

You will need a Tiger Tank and an Insurgent-Pickup Truck to perform this glitch wherein you need two people to get these Pegasus vehicles to the designated open area. Note: One person cannot summon two Pegasus vehicles at the same time. So, it is imperative that you take the help of your friend to accomplish this glitch.

You could get this glitch to work at the Los Santos International Airport or Trevor's Airport. Here is how you do it:

Basically, you need to station the tank on one side and the pickup truck on the opposite end of the runway with the former's cannon-gun tilted to the left or right while the latter's gun faces the tank's front side.

Now drive the insurgent right into the tank's cannon and then watch the crazy stunt animation as both the tank and the truck will fly off in the air, before falling down.

Tip: This amazing glitch can be repeated any number of times as long as you ensure that you get a perfect launch into the air.

Note: If you fail to launch properly, your vehicle will hit the ground faster and explode. You need to achieve enough revolutions or spins in the air and keep the vehicle rolling in order to minimize damage due to the impact, after your vehicle hits the ground.

Removing Sticky Bombs

There is an easy way to remove sticky bombs if you have accidentally thrown them on a vehicle or any other surface on the land. For instance, you might not want to blow up your best friend's most-expensive supercar, especially if you accidentally missed the target and it landed right on the hood of his car while you were hunting down a rival player.

Here is how you do it:

  • Just press and hold down on the D-pad. Then scroll over to any one of the single-player characters and select them.
  • You will see a confirmation-dialog-box asking you if you surely want to quit the session in GTA Online.
  • At this moment, just choose "No" or back out of this screen. Now you are back into the game, but the sticky bombs are no longer seen attached to the vehicle.
  • Quite unfortunately, the used sticky bombs are not restored into your inventory as they are lost forever.

The Monster-Truck Trick

Get any monster truck like the liberator and drive it over an ATV or a motorcycle. You will be amazed to see that there is zero damage done to these vehicles, despite the monster truck climbing over them.

Note: Even the person riding the ATV or motorcycle will remain unscathed when you drive a monster truck over him or her.

Using Cellphone as Bullet-Proof Shield

Your in-game cellphone can be used as a shield when you are being shot at. Did you ever think your cellphone could be used as bullet-proof shield?

All the bullets fired from your pistol or a sniper gun at your cellphone will be deflected away for some strange reason, and your cellphone takes no damage despite being hit with countless bullets.

Given the tiny size of the in-game phone, the utility value of its bullet-proof capability is absolutely questionable.

How to Trick Police to Join Your Side

Here is how you do it:

  • Go to an area where a police car would be dispatched to.
  • Now open the interactive menu on your in-game cellphone and dial 911 or invoke emergency services by calling up Lester.
  • Just stand in the way of the police car and let them hit you. The police car will stop a little distance away from you.
  • Now pull the cop out of the car and then get into the driver's seat. Quickly, hop out of the car and wait until the cops settle down.
  • Let the cop get into the front passenger seat of the car and then you take the driver's seat. Right at this moment, choose the emergency option "Cops turn blind eye" from Lester's list of services in your in-game phone.
  • With this feature turned ON, the cop sitting beside you will ignore all your crimes and go about doing his job as your bodyguard.
  • That's really a nifty trick to play alongside cops in GTA Online, which could make your friends wonder if you are using some hack or cheat.