GTA 5 Online: Rockstar's DLC release pattern hints at Biker update release date

Rockstar Games recently confirmed the arrival of Biker DLC for GTA Online while GTA community is abuzz with the release date speculation.

The GTA community is already abuzz with the probable release window for the highly-anticipated Bikers DLC for GTA Online, after Rockstar Games recently confirmed the arrival of Bikers DLC in the game. Quite amusingly, the game maker chose to hide the release date information in its recent announcement about the impending DLC on Newswire.

Meanwhile, prolific YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) has shed some light on the most likely release window for the Bikers DLC update in GTA Online. Ross has revealed how Rockstar's update history could actually hint at the probable release date for the imminent DLC.

The die-hard fans of the GTA franchise might benefit with some release information for the highly-desirable Bikers update as they plan to spend some quality time with friends and fellow gamers in GTA Online.

Going by Rockstar's update history with major DLC releases, any announcement will be followed by a gap of 3 to 4 weeks before the DLC is finally released for public consumption. For instance, it may be recalled that Finance and Felony DLC as well as Cunning Stunts Update were teased ahead of their release on 9 May, 2016.

Furthermore, Rockstar loves to repeat the pattern of announcing the DLC information as it does with sharing the gameplay screenshots (just a couple of them) that reveal minimal content detail about the upcoming update.

As Ross explains in his latest gameplay video, the Finance and Felony DLC was formally announced on 27 May, which is exactly 18 days after its teaser was released on Newswire. In other words, Rockstar waited exactly two and half weeks before disclosing the release date (7 June) of the impending Finance and Felony DLC in GTA Online.

Then on 2 June, we finally received the gameplay trailer for Further Adventures in Finance and Felony DLC, which was followed by the actual DLC release in line with the announcement.

Given Rockstar's penchant to repeat the DLC release patterns, we could expect a formal announcement about the release date for Bikers DLC in the first week of October or 7 October, which is exactly 18 days from the date of its original announcement (19 September).

Going by this theory, we could be seeing the official gameplay trailer for the Bikers DLC sometime around the second week of October. It will be followed by the formal DLC release, which is expected to be on 18 October as it is a Tuesday and Rockstar favours big DLC releases on Tuesdays.

Ross also adds that Rockstar is likely to pack the Halloween DLC along with the Bikers update in October, especially considering the high-standards implemented with the DLC release pattern from 2015.

Any possibility of Rockstar releasing the Biker update ahead of the schedule is ruled out as it often takes more time to release full DLC details, followed by the gameplay trailer, before making the final release.

Given Rockstar's recent announcement for Bikers DLC release, it is almost certain that we will be seeing another business DLC along the lines of Finance and Felony update in GTA Online. The game maker clearly hints at high-level and high-risk based business ventures coming up across Los Santos and Blaine County, in the forthcoming DLC updates.

So, the next DLC after the Bikers update is likely to be announced sometime in November, followed by its formal release in the last week of November.

The proposed business ventures update is expected to bring new free-roam events along Sandy Shores, Paleto Bay and the Grapeseed areas in GTA Online. Moreover, it is speculated that only those high-level players ranked above 135 would be qualifying for these missions as Rockstar recently encouraged players to achieve this milestone for a reward of $1 million in-game currency.