GTA 5 Online: Rockstar returns millions of dollars to players plus free CargoBob worth $2 million

YouTuber MrBossFTW sheds more light on the Free CargoBob offer from Rockstar and other freebies in GTA Online.

The GTA community is abuzz with news of Rockstar giving away free DLC items worth up to $2,000,000 along with returning millions of dollars to players who qualified for a refund. Renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW aka Ross sheds more light on this issue as he received a flood of tweets recently from fellow GTA Online players regarding Rockstar's new found generosity in donating money and gifts to random players.

Meanwhile, some players have been over Cloud Nine as they admittedly didn't qualify for any refunds and still ended up receiving free gifts from Rockstar Games. Some of them got lucky by just updating their game files with Rockstar's new DLC content and the range of gifts apparently vary from Cargobob to 375k free money and more.

It seems Rockstar is making a rare Social Club offer to all active GTA Online players while also making an effort to bring back loyal gamers to its community. So, going by the enormous flood of tweets to Ross, it seems the Free CargoBob is the exclusive gift for this week.

The free CargoBob offer (worth nearly $2m) comes as a refreshingly welcome gesture from Rockstar Games as it is the most-wanted utility vehicle in GTA Online missions. Players who could not afford it will now be happy to own the vehicle of their dreams without spending a single dollar in the game.

It must be noted that the CargoBob has no use in stunt races or stunting missions, it definitely makes more sense with Heists and CEO missions as you need some armoured vehicles to be transported from garage to hot mission locations for quicker entry and exit in times of emergencies.

Unfortunately, the free offer could be a bummer for those who have already bought the CargoBob soon after the Finance and Felony DLC was released as such players are unlikely to get a second CargoBob into their Pegasus inventory.

Meanwhile, shark card owners have already started receiving their in-game bonuses varying from $375,000 to $2m in GTA cash, which could be put to good use once the Cunning Stunts update comes out on 12 July.

Eligibility criteria for Free CargoBob

Now coming to the eligibility criteria for receiving free CargoBob, several veterans of the game are suggesting that you must own a CEO office or a next-gen console and opt-in to receive email updates via Rockstar Social Club.

Some other players are speculating that only Shark card owners are eligible for the Free CargoBob while others think that it is just being offered to random players without any criteria.

Ross clarifies that all such rumours are baseless and the only pre-requisite to receive the free CargoBob is to opt-in to receive Rockstar emails on promos and offers via Social Club.