GTA 5 Online: Rockstar reimburses millions of GTA$ to players for lost content, cars and more

Rockstar Games has started reimbursing GTA Online players for lost content, cars and large sums of money in CEO missions.

Rockstar Games has apparently started paying back millions of GTA$ to players as redemption for those who have lost game progress, content, cars and other things in GTA Online, following the release of Further Adventures in Finance and Felony DLC in GTA Online.

Prolific YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) walks us through the entire scenario describing the events as they happened and explaining why some players lost their content or money in GTA Online. As Ross points out, players losing content, cars and money, has always been the norm whenever Rockstar has released a massive DLC update in the game.

Ross cautions avid GTA Online gamers to avoid abusing Rockstar's gracious redemption scheme to compensate for lost content and money in the game. As with many other DLC releases in the past, it seems some coding error or bug in the game could have trigerred this issue and hence a claim has to be legitimate for Rockstar support team to honour the request or return your hard-earned money (GTA$) in the game.

As Ross notes, Rockstar will invariably verify all your account transactions to determine if you indeed purchased the vehicle or other DLC items before it actually disappeared from your in-game inventory. So, it is unlikely Rockstar will appreciate or entertain any false claims as this will invariably lead to imbalance of economy within the game.

The rich keep getting richer and the poor stay poorer if there is no control over the distribution of economy or legitimacy-check on the acquisition of assets in GTA Online. Consequently, it becomes each player's responsibility to adhere to fairplay and help Rockstar in its drive to cleanse the game of corruption and illegitimate acquistions through hackers and/or cheat tools.

On the flip side, Rockstar is reportedly awarding more money than what the lost DLC item would actually cost. For instance, one affected user has received GTA$1,850,000 for losing his FMJ in the game as part of Rockstar's generous gesture in the name of "customer accomodation for the loss."

However, it seems that Rockstar is refunding the complete-vehicle-upgrade cost instead of just the basic price of the vehicle.

Furthermore, people who have lost their money have confirmed of receiving a bonus of GTA$100,000 besides the original amount being restored into their in-game bank accounts.

It is still unclear if the issue is trigerred by some bug in the CEO's buying and selling system or a pre-existing bug in the original source code that triggers itself after every DLC release in GTA 5.

Quite strangely, Ross admits that he has never faced any such issues in the present or the past. So, the issue invariably links to failed attempts or transaction errors in buying or selling the cargo in one of the CEO missions in Finance and Felony DLC.

As Ross concludes, the reimbursement system would not work if you are trying to avail any monetary benefits for buying any shark cards for the game and you will need adequate proof of transactions, especially if you are itching for large sums of missing money to be returned by Rockstar.