GTA 5 Online: Rockstar giving away free $1 million cash-bonus to players – Real or fake?

YouTuber MrBossFTW debunks the truth behind the $1 million cash-bonus reward for all players reaching rank 135 in GTA Online.

The GTA community is abuzz with rumours of Rockstar giving away free $1 million in-game currency for all players who have reached the rank 135 within the specified period in GTA Online. Meanwhile, the prolific YouTuber MrBossFTW aka Ross has debunked the truth behind the $1m reward speculation after anxious GTA fans stormed Twitter to clarify their doubts and apprehensions.

Recently, there were a couple of screenshots circulating in the wild that suggested any GTA Online player who crossed the rank 135 would be eligible for the promotional reward of $1m in-game cash.

Consequently, some anxious GTA Online gamers posted a query on Rockstar support forums asking if the reward was indeed true. One person from the support team reportedly replied that there is no such in-game cash offer available at the moment. However, Ross points out a couple of spelling mistakes in the alleged email from Rockstar.

The email further says that avid GTA Online players are encouraged to subscribe for the Rockstar mailing list to get updated news about forthcoming promotions and other exclusive offers right into their email inbox. The fake email also adds that certain promotions will be open for chosen group of players and every player in GTA Online will get an opportunity to avail the offer once in a while.

In another email response from Rockstar, we can see that the promotion of $1m reward for reaching the rank 135 is actually true. Here is what the Rockstar support team had to say in response to a recent fan query via email:

We understand your issue regarding the in-game offers. We are sorry to inform you that the offers are for selected gamers who reach the Rank level of 135 on or before 12 September. We request you to kindly stay tuned to our support website for future updates and offers. We hope that you continue to enjoy playing our game. Please feel free to get in touch with us, if you have any questions or concerns."

As Ross explains, this is a limited promotion wherein only select players who have received a personal email from Rockstar will be eligible for the offer or in-game reward.

To further strengthen this claim, Ross has shared another confirmation screenshot from the player who got the bonus money credited to his Maze Bank account in GTA Online, soon after reaching the rank 135.

Furthermore, renowned GTA tipster Yan2295 has tweeted that only those who reached level 130 on 11 September and then crossed level 135 on 12 September were eligible for the $1m in-game cash bonus. He also adds that those who were already ranked above 135 do not qualify for this offer.

To sum it up, it seems Rockstar is actually testing the player response to such offers and evaluating how many of the eligible users could actually avail the offer, as it is a seemingly challenging task to earn five levels or rankings in just 24 hours of playtime in GTA Online.

So, if Rockstar has a blueprint of implementing this idea on a large scale, then even fringe players and newbies could be motivated to achieve higher rankings in the game in order to win the honours and promotional rewards from the game maker.

Please do let us know if you received any such offers from Rockstar or if you would like to see more such promotions in the future, in the comments section below.