GTA 5 Online: Rockstar deleting player accounts, hidden title update and new GTA 5 secret bonuses explained

Several reports claim Rockstar will delete player accounts if they fail to transfer game progress from last-gen to current-gen platforms.

GTA 5 Online
GTA 5 Online: Rockstar deleting player accounts, hidden title update and new GTA 5 secret bonuses explained

Rockstar Games has recently started updating the QA beta files on their game servers and thereby hinting at an upcoming title update for GTA Online. Later, renowned GTA tipster Funmw2 pointed out that the two QA beta files currently being updated were related to GTA 5 Launcher and GTA 5 Social Club.

As prolific YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) explains in his latest video, the GTA 5 PC players have already started receiving an 80 - 90MB maintenance update since 4 February. The GTA community is now wondering if this tiny update could be the base for the forthcoming DLCs or just a bug-fix update.

Nevertheless, Funmw2 has confirmed in his latest tweet that the new PC update is indeed the Launcher/Socialclub update for GTA Online. However, there is no denying the possibility of anti-cheater improvements being added into the game files along with some known bug fixes.

Rockstar has chosen to keep this as a secret maintenance update without actually specifying the contents of the update in the official changelog on the support site. Furthermore, the game maker has already hinted that it would soon be ending the game-progress transfer window from last-gen consoles to the current-gen gaming platforms including PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The current-gen console gamers will also lose the ability to transfer game progress from Xbox One or PS4 to PC after 6 March as that would be the deadline proposed by Rockstar for all existing GTA Online players.

GTA Online: Game progress transfer window
GTA Online: Game progress transfer window MrBossFTW via YouTube

There is more good news for last-gen and current-gen console gamers as Rockstar has announced the bonus cash reward of GTA$100,000 on completing the game-progress transfer to a new console or PC on or before 6 March. The reward will be credited to the player's in-game account within 72 hours from the time of completing the transfer as seen on some players' loading screen in GTA 5.

In related news, Rockstar is currently offering limited time bonus in-game cash reward on purchase of Shark cards. The cash rewards vary from 15% to 50% based on the price and the offer will be valid until 8 February.

The Shark Card bonus offer and the ensuing QA beta updates clearly signal the arrival of yet another title update or DLC for GTA Online in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, Rockstar is also offering special discounts on DLC items such as Western Zombie Bobber Chopper (25% off), Truffade Adder Supercar (50% off) and MC Clubhouses and 10-car garages for the event week ending 13 February.

As Ross explains, the game maker is continuing to offer vague types of bonuses to select set of players in GTA Online, regardless of any specific parameters or eligibility criteria.

Meanwhile, several reports online are claiming that Rockstar would start randomly deleting characters or player accounts in GTA Online if they failed to transfer their game progress from last-gen to current-gen gaming platforms. However, you must beware that all such claims are baseless and completely false as Rockstar has never made any such announcements on the Newswire or Twitter or anywhere else in the public.

Nevertheless, the only valid point is that Rockstar will be shutting down the character or game-progress transfer window on 6 March. So, you are left with almost a month's time to embrace the new-gen console or PC if you want to enjoy new DLC content as well as superior graphics in GTA Online.