GTA 5 Online: Rockstar announces Deadline Mode, Shotaro bike and special bonuses in new update

Rockstar Games has announced a spectacular retro-style videogame mode as part of its latest update for GTA Online.

GTA 5 Online: Deadline Adversary mode
GTA 5 Online: Rockstar announces Deadline Adversary Mode, Shotaro bike and special bonuses in new update Rockstar Games

Rockstar has just announced a new Adversary mode titled 'Deadline' in GTA Online wherein opposing teams can battle to the death in a spectacular retro-style videogame mode. In this new challenging mode, players leave behind a trail of beaming light when they attain hyper speed on their new Shotaro bike, which burns rivals as they fall in its beam's direct line of contact.

Nagasaki Shotaro

The blazing fast Nagasaki Shotaro has enough energy to power up the Los Santos grid with the potential to deliver an out of the world experience as much to the gamers' delight. The first time you login to the Deadline mode, the Shotaro bike will be automatically unlocked for purchase via Legendary Motorsport while the Deadline outfit will be available via any of the clothing store in the game.

As a bonus, owners of Shotaro bike will inherit a free limited-time T-shirt with Nagasaki logo imprinted on it via their clothing inventory.

Deadline Adversary mode

Nagasaki Shotaro
Rockstar Games

Up to four players can go up against each other in the new Deadline mode wherein each player will get to ride on a different coloured Shotaro bike. You need to be quick enough to overtake your opponent as the one behind your blazing trail will catch fire and explode in thin air as he/she comes in contact with the trail of beaming light.

Nagasaki Shotaro - Amber
Rockstar Games

In addition, players can exploit the use of strategic power-ups that are scattered all over the map for a competitive edge in the game. You can use boost to get ahead of your rivals and cut them off or slow down time with Zoned capability or evade your rival's blazing trail with the Hop skill to jump over the light trail.

All participants in Deadline mode will earn double GTA$ and double RP through the next few days until 21 November. During this period, you can also take advantage of 25% discount on business supplies and resupplies along with 50% more GTA$ and 2x RP with Biker Business Sales.

Enjoy special discounts on the following tactical weapons and vehicles through the next weekend until 21 November:

New Premium Race – Over The Bridge

Ngasaki Shotaro - Blue
Rockstar Games

Avid GTA Online players can now indulge in the premium stunt race for bikes called 'Over The Bridge'. Racers can compete across the La Puerta Freeway and Los Santos' Docklands to earn triple RP bonus and generous GTA$ prizes for finishing in the top three at the end of the race.

Check out the new Deadline Adversary mode in action, in Rockstar's stunning gameplay video below: