GTA 5 Online QnA: Game's longevity, future DLCs and Rockstar announcements

YouTuber MrBossFTW reveals the possible release window for 'The Finance and Felony' DLC in GTA Online, in his latest gameplay video.

The GTA Online community has been curious about the game's longevity, future DLC features and forthcoming Rockstar announcements as the popular action-RPG game is ageing fast with the lack of content in recent times.

Renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW aka Ross has addressed some intriguing fan queries regarding the upcoming DLC features and the game's longevity among other things, in his latest gameplay video featuring the newest iteration of QnA series for GTA 5.

Ross responds to a select few queries on Twitter and Snapchat in a bid to clarify the doubts in the minds of fellow GTA gamers and fans of the community.

In response to the first query about the possible release timeframe for the next GTA 5 DLC, the YouTuber explains that the highly-anticipated 'Finance and Felony' DLC is unlikely to be released on 24 May (Tuesday) as there have been no updates on the DLC since its first leak went viral on the internet.

Rockstar has neither denied nor accepted the authenticity of the details pertaining to the leaked DLC while the GTA community is anxiously awaiting some hint from the game maker.

Ross has, however, suggested that the 'Finance and Felony' DLC could indeed release on 31 May which marks the Memorial Day or get pushed back to the first week of June.

Considering the content of previous teaser on the Newswire, Rockstar is likely to make some fresh announcements on 24 May if it plans to release a new DLC in the next few weeks.

Moving on to the most-wanted features that could make their way into the forthcoming DLC, Ross lists out the stuff he would love to see in the game including some improvements to the private Yachts from Executives and Other Criminals update, the addition of online stock market, more bodyguard and VIP-style clothing options and better-armoured transport vehicles for drug-trafficking.

Addressing another fan query, Ross refers to Rockstar's recent bolded text and font styles on the Newswire section wherein it seems almost certain that the upcoming DLCs would be named as 'The Finance and Felony DLC' and 'The Cunning Stunts update' respectively.

Given a choice, the YouTuber admits that he would prefer the launch of The Finance and Felony DLC over the Cunning Stunts update, especially given the fact that the former is somehow interlinked with the gameplay concept of Executives and Other Criminals DLC.

Ross clarifies that the Cunning Stunts DLC could actually be part of the Independence Update given its American-flag-styled artwork and theme while The Finance and Felony DLC could be released as a standalone on 31 May or sometime in the first week of June.

GTA 5 is credited to be successful for a number of reasons including its wide user base, free content updates, and the expansive open world in the game which gives players the freedom to roam and explore beyond the game's limited dimensions.

Answering a fan query about the longevity of the game, Ross suggests that GTA 5 would easily last another five to six years.

With the GTA community getting literally upset over the obsolete game content that's only receiving cosmetic updates in the last few months, Rockstar would be under pressure to comply with its fan demands or risk losing them to rival franchises like Call of Duty and Fallout series.

In response to another fan query, Ross explains how Electronic Arts' hybrid of GTA and Assassin's Creed style game would benefit the gaming fraternity, given their dynamic and unpredictable gameplay elements and character choices.

Addressing the final fan query, Ross denies any possibility of a technical issue that could be holding back the release of 'The Finance and Felony' DLC for GTA Online.

Check out Ross' interesting gameplay video and do let us know if you think the DLC has been delayed for some reason, in the comments section below: