GTA 5 Online: New unlimited money glitch via car duplication revealed after Seven-70 update

Comprehensive guide to make unlimited money after Seven-70 update in GTA Online.

Prolific YouTuber Sernandoe aka CJ has revealed a new car-duplication glitch to make unlimited money in GTA Online, following the Dewbauchee Seven-70 update in the game. The source of this glitch has been credited to the popular Se7ensins website, which has an unparalleled reputation for leaked DLC content and other hidden gameplay info for GTA 5.

A veteran GTA tipster, DctrWoolyNipples, has shared this car-duplication glitch on the Se7ensins forums, which is confirmed to be 100% working on the next-gen gaming platforms including PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Although the glitch is quite challenging to complete, Sernandoe has double-confirmed that it actually works without any hassles. In the old-fashioned way, GTA Online gamers can still duplicate a car, keep the original in their apartment-garage and then sell the replica at the Los Santos Customs (LSC).

Furthermore, the YouTuber clarifies that you can actually earn around $150,000 to $225,000 by duplicating and selling some of the most expensive cars in the game, using this glitch. The glitch is confirmed to work on a select few cars in GTA Online excluding the supercars altogether.

Here is the full list of cars with their showroom prices that can be duplicated in GTA Online, using the new glitch:

  • Zion $193,000
  • Dubsta $182,000
  • Shafter $199,000
  • Shwartzer $200,000
  • Buffalo $147,000
  • Fusilade $190,000
  • Beejay XL $169,000
  • Ocelot F620 $187,000
  • Cavalcade $170,000
  • Landstalker $173,000
  • Blista Compact $172,000
  • Felon GT $199,000
  • Sentinel XS $225,000
  • Dominator $191,000

Meanwhile, several GTA Online players have reportedly confirmed via Twitter to Sernandoe that the glitch is indeed working with the above listed cars.

Tips and tricks before you start the glitch

Here are a few tips and tricks to increase the success rate of this glitch:

  • Ensure that both players involved have reset their consoles and cleared the cache before attempting this glitch
  • If the glitch works once, it is always going to work in that particular lobby. So, stick to the same lobby until you are done.
  • If the glitch fails in one lobby, try finding another lobby and repeat all the steps from the scratch
  • The glitch should eventually work if you have made around six attempts with six different lobbys

Steps to do the car duplication glitch after Seven-70 update in GTA Online

1. Both players should open interaction menu, select hide options > jobs and set it to "custom" to all jobs are showing. Enter a public lobby and enable passive mode and then set spawn location to "last location".

2. Steal any car off the street, but Sentinel is recommended since it sells for the most. Note: Don't upgrade the car yet.

3. Invite a friend to get in your car's passenger seat and you get into the driver seat. Then drive your car over to the circle in Los Santos customs shown in the video (the one in the middle of the city).

4. Remember not to upgrade your car else the glitch will fail. The driver needs to set a Ron or a Gerald mission ready to start on their phone. The driver must park the car right on top of the mission circle in the parking lot. Once the driver accepts the Ron or Gerald mission tell your friend in the passenger seat to get out and spam right on the D-pad to start the mission (This must be done immediately after the driver accepts the mission or you can run the risk of losing the car)

5. The driver backs out of the lobby screen right away and then gets in the car and gets right back out and spams right on the D-pad, but you must tell the friend to back out of their mission lobby right once you enter the car.

6. Your friend will drive the car to the entrance of the parking lot of Los Santos Customs and look away from the parking lot to trigger the spawning of the car. Once the friend gets there he will tell you to back out of the lobby screen.

7. Your friend must continue looking away while you search for the newly spawned car. Verify if the car is spawned and then you can proceed to it. Discard the car your friend drove off with this time and upgrade the car that spawned next to you since that is the one that can be sold, the one your friend was driving cannot be sold.

8. When you are done upgrading the car you must do this method one more time with the upgraded car this time since we now know this glitch works.

9. Once you complete the glitch again get the sellable car (The one that spawned near you) and sell it or put it in your garage to sell later on.

10. Now take the one your friend drove off with and get in the driver seat with him in the passenger seat and go near your garage or wherever there is a road available.

11. The driver must set a Gerald or a Ron mission ready and accept it, leaving the passenger in the car eventually making him as the driver. Now he must drive away about 30 ft and look away from where you will be spawning.

12. Once you spawn in there should be a duped car around you (that can be sold), and the one your friend is in (can't be sold). Now put the one that can be sold in your garage.

13. Repeat steps 10 - 12 until garage is full or if the glitch breaks. If the glitch breaks simply take the car to the Los Santos customs again and do the beginning method once then you will be able to repeat steps 10 - 12 again. But, it is recommended to do steps 10 - 12 with the sellable car from the first method and discard the glitched one.